The Benefits Of Better Dental And Periodontal Health

The work you put into protecting your smile is important, and it can have more long-term consequences than you might realize. Without the right routine in place, you can be vulnerable to tooth decay as well as gum disease, two issues that can have lasting consequences if they are not dealt with in time. While our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is here to help you preserve your oral health, remember that your first line of defense is your approach to brushing and flossing, along with the diet choices that you make. Even if you regularly schedule dental exams, it will be difficult to stay completely safe against dental problems if you are not putting in real effort to fight tartar buildup, dental decay, and gingivitis!

Has Your Oral Hygiene Routine Become Less Effective Over Time?

Many people grow so comfortable with their daily routine that they stop noticing the “small” changes in it, and how those changes might make them vulnerable to dental problems. You may not notice just how often you skip brushing or flossing before bed, or how the time you spend on brushing has shrunk…until you find out you need restorative dental work during your next checkup! You can also have a harder time preventing issues with your dental well-being if you are not monitoring your sugar consumption. More sugar in your diet means more food for harmful oral bacteria that attack your periodontal tissues and do damage to your enamel.

Problems Associated With Poor Periodontal Health

By preserving your periodontal health, you can prevent problems with bad breath, bleeding gums, and gum line recession. Gingivitis, the first phase of an infection, can be fought and reversed if it is caught in time. Watch out for those early warning symptoms so that you can address this problem promptly. If it goes untreated for too long, you can wind up with a more severe form of infection known as periodontitis. At this point, you have to worry about your poor periodontal health affecting your overall well-being, and you can face a higher risk for tooth loss!

How Serious Can A Cavity Really Be?

If a cavity is spotted and treated at a dental appointment before it causes you any discomfort, the treatment required can stop at the cavity’s removal and the placement of a dental filling. However, if decay is not caught in time, the damage can worsen gradually, leading to an infection that can become painful! If too much time passes without treatment, you face the possibility that bacteria will spread through the tooth, which will have to be removed.

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