How Dental Implants Give You Better Bite Strength

There are many changes that await a person who experiences tooth loss. Beyond some expected concerns about your appearance, you can encounter frustrating problems when you try to bite and chew certain foods. This is something that can become more difficult to deal with if you are missing several teeth. However, with the right dental restoration, you can have an easier time biting and chewing in a way that feels natural. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can talk to you about the benefits of dental implant-held restorations. These restorations stay secured to your jawbone, which makes them more dependable for providing bite support. In addition to staying stable on their own, they can actually help secure neighboring teeth by giving their roots more stability.

Tooth Loss Can Change Your Dental Function In Frustrating Ways

The immediate issue you can run into with tooth loss is a loss of confidence in your smile. With that said, you can quickly learn just how much trouble tooth loss can be for your general well-being, as it can make you vulnerable to changes in your dental function that make you vulnerable to more oral health problems. If you are not able to maintain a stable, secure bite function, you can become more dependent on select teeth that then go through more friction from biting and chewing, which can wear them down faster. You also have to worry about chronic jaw stiffness and pain, which can lead to problems like teeth grinding. If you are someone who is missing several teeth, you may even find yourself giving up an array of foods because you can no longer comfortably consume them.

A Dental Implant Provides Permanent Support For A Restoration

Dental implants are permanently secured to your jawbone. From this position, they can hold a restoration securely. This arrangement mimics the support that our natural teeth enjoy from their roots. Your dentist will perform a careful study to find the position and angle your implants should be placed in, which helps them provide long-term benefits. When you bite and chew with your implant-held restoration, you will actually create an important stimulation in your jawbone, stimulation that used to be provided by the roots of your lost teeth. With that support, protect yourself against jawbone deterioration.

We Can Also Permanently Replace A Lost Tooth With A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is another permanent answer to tooth loss, one that will not require oral surgery. A bridge stays in place because it has a pair of dental crowns at either side of the appliance your dentist will affix to neighboring teeth. A bridge can provide lasting bite support, and it can also give you renewed confidence in your smile.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Receiving A Dental Implant

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