Why You Might Need A Periodontal Cleaning At Your Next Exam

In the course of a typical dental exam, your teeth will be carefully cleaned. A professional cleaning removes tartar and plaque, as well as any food deposits that may be present. By doing this, we lower your risk for experiencing problems that will lead to restorative dental work. While this can be the “normal” experience you have during a dental checkup, we will have to provide a different type of cleaning procedure if we observe signs of gum disease. For those affected by periodontal problems, we recommend a periodontal cleaning, or scaling and root planing, which removes harmful bacteria buildup from below your gum line. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office provides periodontal cleanings so that we can protect you against gum disease and the harm it can cause over time.

Will I Undergo A Teeth Cleaning Or Periodontal Cleaning At My Next Visit?

If your gums are in good health, we can proceed through your appointment by providing a standard teeth cleaning. This treatment removes plaque and tartar from your teeth, but it stops at your gum line. During a periodontal cleaning, the portions of your teeth covered by your gums receive attention. By removing bacteria from these spaces, you are protected against gingivitis, something that can worsen in time and create long-term oral health difficulties.

Early Warning Signs Of Gingivitis

At your appointment, we check your gums carefully to see if there are any signs of gum disease that require our attention. You can actually become aware that gum disease affects you between appointments. There are a few symptoms of gingivitis that you can identify without your dentist’s help, including:

  • Problems with gums that bleed easily
  • Areas of your gums affected by swelling or discoloration
  • An increased difficulty fighting bad breath
  • A visible change in your gum line

While you can identify warning signs of gum disease on your own, be careful not to assume that because you see no problems, there are no issues with gingivitis. Regular dental exams can lead to the discovery of an infection that you are not aware of, and that can lead to treatment before the infection grows worse.

Avoiding Future Difficulties With Your Periodontal Health

Periodontal cleanings remove the bacteria that have gathered below your gum line and caused your infection. If you want to avoid future cleanings and generally protect your gums more effectively, take care to brush and floss more thoroughly. When you do so, you more effectively fight bacteria before they can move beneath your gum line. You also make it less likely that you will need a dental filling or dental crown at your next appointment.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Scheduling A Periodontal Cleaning

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