Warning Signs Of Oral Health Trouble

How much attention are you really giving your smile? Beyond brushing and flossing your teeth, are you looking out for any early warning signs of oral health trouble that you should bring up with your dentist? Do you feel confident that you know what signs of trouble you ought to watch for if you want to catch problems early? The good news is that you are not the only person who can identify problems in their early stages. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can provide important feedback about your oral health at every routine appointment. With that said, paying attention to problems and recognizing when you might need treatment can help you avoid complications that impact your well-being and appearance.

Are You Experiencing Issues With Gingivitis?

There are several symptoms of gingivitis that you can identify without your dentist’s help. By recognizing them, you can identify a serious shortcoming in your oral hygiene routine and make changes to better preserve your periodontal health. The signs to watch for include periodontal bleeding, difficulties with swollen, sensitive, or discolored tissues, and gum line recession. While you are not able to “see” bad breath, its persistence can warn you that you may be experiencing trouble with gingivitis.

Lingering Tooth Pain

There are several issues that can cause a short period of tooth pain or sensitivity. If you experience lingering discomfort that does not subside quickly on its own, you should be worried about your dental health. This problem can point to trouble that calls for restorative dental work. Because we use restorations that imitate your healthy tooth structure when we treat cavities, we can help you move past this problem without permanently altering your smile.

Pay Attention To Warning Signs Of Bruxism

How often do you feel concern about pain or sensitivity on a typical morning? Problems with bruxism can lead to you starting your day with tooth pain or sensitivity issues, as well as trouble with jaw stiffness and pain. Over time, you may be alarmed to see that your smile looks older or less healthy because your teeth appear worn down. This trouble points to an ongoing issue with bruxism, something that causes many people to grind their teeth throughout the night. When you deal with bruxism, you can protect yourself against something that can do potentially severe damage to your smile!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Your Oral Health

Through regular preventive appointments with your dentist, you can stay informed about your oral health and avoid problems over time. While these visits are certainly important, you can better protect yourself by doing your part to care for and evaluate your smile on a regular basis at home. For more information on preventive care, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.