Returning To Routine Dental Care

There are different reasons why people take a break from routine dental checkups. While one person may be new to their area and unsure of who to turn to, another may feel that their healthy teeth are safe enough from problems to make appointments unnecessary. Unfortunately, that break can lead to problems in time. If you only look into treatment because you feel that something is wrong, you can learn that you have a serious cavity, or several cavities, leading to more involved care. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help you comfortably return to care at our practice. We can provide important preventive services that keep you safe against dental trouble as well as problems with gum disease. We can also help you understand the services available to you, and recommend any procedure or procedures needed to take on active health issues.

What You Miss Out On When You Stop Scheduling Routine Checkups

When you no longer attend routine dental visits, you lose out on more than just feedback from your dentist about cavities. During a visit, we can discuss a range of potential oral health issues with you. Some problems, like bruxism, can be addressed before they cause problems that demand restorative dental work. We also provide teeth cleanings that fight the buildup of plaque and tartar. Even patients who feel confident in their oral hygiene routine can have areas where deposits have gathered and made them vulnerable to dental trouble.

Undergoing A Teeth Cleaning And Evaluation

In the course of a teeth cleaning and evaluation, we will look out for several issues. We can check your teeth for cavities as well as signs of wear and tear that warn of a teeth grinding habit. Dr. Foust will also evaluate your gums. Checking on your periodontal health is important, because we can identify signs of an infection before the problem is serious enough to warrant care from a specialist. For those who do have symptoms of gingivitis, we can recommend a periodontal cleaning, which goes beyond the kind of cleaning normally provided to remove bacteria from below the gum line.

Addressing An Active Oral Health Issue

Active problems that are identified during an appointment can be addressed before they worsen. For teeth grinding, we can recommend that you wear a custom guard while you sleep to stop further damage to your enamel. If you have a cavity, we can remove decayed tissues and provide a filling or crown for protection. Depending on what state your smile is in when you return, you can learn what procedure or procedures might be recommended to ensure your smile is completely healthy!

Schedule Routine Dental Care At Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office

Routine dental appointments helps you prevent problems and avoid complications from those that are already present. To learn more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.