Seeking Treatment For Tooth Pain

Few problems can motivate a person to visit their dentist like tooth pain. The discomfort can be bad enough on its own, but it can be especially troubling to deal with an issue that stops you from eating, and may even make speaking more difficult. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to help patients who experience difficulties with dental discomfort. We can meet with you to determine what is happening, and what we can do to help. Through the right restorative treatment, we can put the issue behind you, and we can make sure your tooth has enough support to continue absorbing bite pressure.

Ignoring Tooth Pain Can Lead To Trouble

If you choose to simply ignore tooth pain, or just try to delay treatment, you can make the matter worse. It may lead to difficulties with an infection that can spread, and may leave a tooth past the point of saving. When the issue is connected to physical damage, you could actually make the trouble with your tooth worse without realizing it. Our practice can work with you to make sure you receive the appropriate restorative dental work, and that you no longer have to worry about this issue and its potential impact on your health.

Restoring Your Oral Health And Smile

After an assessment, we can determine what kind of care you need for your problem tooth. If there is damage to the structure from trauma, or if you have a cavity that has to be addressed, we can provide support with a durable dental crown. Crowns are made to completely cover teeth above a person’s gum line. When you have your restoration in place, it can imitate healthy enamel to preserve your smile, and it can also let you bite, chew, and speak without discomfort.

Helpful Information Before An Appointment

Our practice is ready to work with patients who experience problems that may call for care on short notice. While we may need to work around other patients’ needs, we can seek to accommodate you as soon as possible, particularly if you have an urgent problem. We work with many different dental insurers, and we can work with you if you have questions. We can also work with patients who have questions about financing.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Deal With Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is difficult to ignore, and it can motivate a person to seek treatment as soon as possible. At our office, we can take care of you when this issue arises, and we can also provide ongoing support through preventive services that make future difficulties less likely to occur. If you would like to learn more, or if you have questions about our office, please call Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today at (515) 965-0230.