Daily Life After Your Dental Bridge Is Placed

The difference your dental bridge makes in your daily life can certainly excite you. Once you have your permanent prosthetic in place, you can find that you have an easier time with biting, chewing, and speaking, as you no longer have to work around an awkward gap between teeth. You can also find yourself smiling more often, and more comfortably, as you can feel better about your appearance. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is here to help those who have suffered tooth loss. Through the placement of your custom restoration, we can help you with the cosmetic and oral health effects of tooth loss. We should note that we can also discuss treatment that relies on dental implants to assist with restorative treatment.

How Tooth Loss Interferes With Your Diet And Undermines Your Confidence

Tooth loss is a serious issue, one that should not be ignored even if the effect on your smile is relatively small. A back tooth may not contribute much to your appearance, but its absence can cause difficulties for you whenever you bite and chew. Trying to work around that empty space can make you put remaining teeth through extra work that will cause more friction, which can lead to problems with wear and tear over time. You can also experience jaw pain and stiffness from your uncomfortable movements, which can lead to the onset of a teeth grinding habit.

Placing A Permanent Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are custom-made restorations that cover spaces where teeth have been lost. A restoration provides a permanent answer to tooth loss, as it is secured with a pair of dental crowns that cover neighboring teeth. That support lets you keep the restoration in without worrying it might loosen or need to be taken out before you eat. In fact, it can actually provide important bite support that makes eating more comfortable, which can reduce your chance of developing bite difficulties. We can take care to make sure that the restoration you receive is the right shape and size, and that it is capable of imitating healthy enamel.

What Else Can I Do To Address Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss can impact you in surprising and upsetting ways. One issue to worry about, particularly if you are missing several teeth, is the deterioration of your jawbone due to a lack of stimulation from biting and chewing. With dental implants, we can provide more support by bringing back the stimulation that your roots used to supply. By doing this, your implant can preserve your jaw health, and it can support your restoration without modifying neighboring teeth.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Bridge

With a custom dental bridge, we can provide long-term bite support as well as the restoration of your full smile. To find out more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.