Booking Dental Visits As A Family

The health of your child’s smile is important, just as your own smile health matters. In many ways, parents and kids have the same needs when it comes to managing their oral health. However, there are certain key differences in how their care should be approached. Is it possible for you to find one dental office who can make sure that everyone in your household is receiving the right kind of support? Our dental office in Ankeny, IA is proud to provide family dental care. We can meet with people of all ages and provide the kind of in-office support and guidance that helps children and adults maintain healthy smiles. Because of this, we can make it easier to schedule and attend oral health appointments, because you can plan visits together at one location.

A Family Dental Practice Can Support Everyone In Your Household

As a family dental practice, we are committed to providing support for adults as well as beneficial pediatric dental services. For your kids, we can provide a friendly and informative introduction to smile care, and we can gently guide and encourage them as they grow older and become responsible for managing their oral hygiene. For our adult patients, we can offer continued support through thorough cleanings and exams. We can also provide conservative services that successfully address cosmetic and oral health issues that may arise in time.

Scheduling Oral Health Care For Your Kids

Once your children reach an age where they can start seeing their dentist, we will be here to introduce them to oral health care. While their earliest appointments focus on making the right introduction to treatment, we can ease them into more traditional preventive services when they are older. As we do so, we will continue to help them understand the importance of maintaining healthy teeth, and we can instruct them so that they can effectively brush and floss for themselves when they are ready.

Planning Your Own Checkups And Cleanings

Your own smile care is not something to neglect or set aside. You may have a stronger grasp on how to take care of your teeth than your kids, but you should still receive the regular feedback that will come from checkups and cleanings. During your visits, we will help you stay safe from gum disease and dental decay, and we can look out for signs of trouble like teeth grinding, which can ensure they are treated before serious dental damage occurs.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Booking Dental Visits For Your Family

Our practice is proud to serve families in and around the Ankeny, IA area and help them maintain lovely and healthy smiles. If you would like to find out how we can support yours, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.