3 Reasons Not To Ignore Gingivitis

Generally speaking, ignoring an ongoing problem can prove unwise. The trouble that you would rather not deal with can grow more serious in time, making something that was manageable more difficult for you to tackle. Your dental health will grow worse as time passes and no treatment takes place. This is true for teeth affected by cavities, but it is also true when problems affect your gums. Without the right hygiene efforts, bacteria can start to gather on the roots of teeth under the gums, which leads to gingivitis. Ignoring the problem at this stage allows it to progress further, which can mean experiencing a more significant issue with gum disease that can require attention from a specialist! Fortunately, when you keep up with dental checkups and pay attention to the warning signs of gingivitis, you can take a trip to our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office before the matter becomes this serious.

1. Problems With Gingivitis Can Turn Into A More Advanced Infection

One big reason to take gingivitis seriously is that if too much time passes without the infection being addressed, it will worsen and take the form of a more severe gum disease. At this stage, the problem can be more than we can take on in the course of a general dental exam. This means that you could require a specialist’s help to manage the matter. Problems with a more serious infection can affect your life in ways that are difficult to ignore. Tissue damage can result in the loss of teeth, and difficulties with the infection can actually lead to bacteria moving to different parts of the body and creating new worries for your overall health.

2. Trouble With Poor Periodontal Health Can Cause Tissues To Recede

Unhealthy gums are vulnerable to movement that can hurt your appearance and make future problems with your gums more difficult to prevent. As the tissues recede, portions of your teeth that are naturally weaker are exposed, which can lead to difficulties with sensitivity and more oral health risks. These changes can also be unsightly, and they can give your smile an asymmetrical and awkward look.

3. Your Gum Health Can Point To Problems With Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you recognize a problem with gingivitis, you can recognize a shortcoming in your oral hygiene routine. Beyond providing direct protection for your periodontal health in the form of a deep cleaning, we can talk to you about changing up your daily behaviors so that you more effectively fight oral bacteria. Improving your routine will help you avoid new problems in the future with your teeth and gums!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist Can Help You Take On Problems With Gingivitis

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