When Should I Book My Next Routine Dental Exam?

How long has it been since your smile received attention from a dental professional? Semiannual oral health exams are important for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Without them, you can experience problems with tartar buildup, and you can even develop issues with gum disease and dental decay that go unnoticed until they start to cause more advanced problems for your oral health. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can provide important preventive services to keep your smile safe from harm. Cleanings remove tartar buildup and help you lower your risk for problems. With the routine oral health reviews provided by Dr. Foust, you enjoy important updates about the state of your smile, which will include the recommendation for treatment if any issues are discovered.

Dental Exams Should Be Scheduled Consistently

If you do not receive consistent feedback about the state of your smile, you become more vulnerable to problems that can become serious. Trouble with dental decay and gum disease can initially escape your attention. That means they have time to worsen until they cause more advanced problems that require more advanced solutions. A cavity that keeps growing will eventually do enough harm to make you vulnerable to an infection and do serious damage to your tooth structure. If gum disease is not managed in time, the infection can keep advancing and eventually require help from a specialist. Regular reviews provide warnings before these problems grow serious, and they also offer preventive care that makes you less likely to have problems that demand attention.

The support provided during every cleaning keeps tartar from gathering and doing more harm to your oral health. By having your smile cared for in this way, you avoid problems in the future, and you have an easier time maintaining an appearance that gives you confidence!

What To Expect When A Problem Is Identified During A Routine Visit

As frustrating as it can be to learn that you have a problem during a dental visit, timely support will ultimately prove beneficial. After all, it can be easier to accept that you need a dental filling than learn that you have a cavity so severe you need to have your tooth capped with a custom dental crown. For patients who show signs of having gum disease, we can move forward with a periodontal cleaning so that you recover from your infection before there is a need for more advanced treatment.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Booking Your Next Dental Exam

Without the support provided at routine dental exams, you become more vulnerable to potentially serious oral health threats. Our practice is here to help you manage problems and enjoy a lasting defense against the formation of new threats. If you would like to learn more or book your next visit, please reach out to Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.