Keeping A Tooth Safe With A Dental Crown

Keeping a tooth safe after experiencing a problem with your oral health means avoiding further difficulties. With the right kind of protection, you can enjoy protection even when you continue to depend on your tooth for support whenever you bite and chew food. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office has experience helping people who have found themselves in need of restorative care. In some cases, that care will include the placement of a dental crown to ensure that you have the level of protection that you need for a more serious issue. A crown that is made with the right materials can actually offer functional support for the long term as well as cosmetic support to preserve your smile.

Why Teeth Need Protection After Oral Health Issues Are Treated

Even after treatment, a tooth affected by a cavity will be vulnerable and in need of protection. Unfortunately, the harm done by dental decay is irreversible once a cavity forms. The problem will worsen in time if you take longer to arrange the appropriate restorative dental work. When there is too much harm for the problem to be treated with a dental filling, we can instead provide care with a dental crown. This means your tooth will be fully covered so that you can enjoy protection as well as added support to give you back your natural bite function.

Using A Custom Dental Crown To Protect Your Tooth

A custom crown will be placed in the course of two different appointments, with the first dedicated to preparatory work. That work includes care to make sure your tooth can support a restoration without creating problems for its neighbors as well as the taking of measurements that let us know what shape and size your crown should be. At your follow-up visit, you will have your tooth capped. The procedure provides a long-term solution that both protects the tooth against new issues and provides a way to naturally absorb bite pressure, as your crown will be strong enough to take on this kind of impact through the years.

Tips To Help You Lower Your Risk For Future Oral Health Difficulties

Through regular dental exams and cleanings, you enjoy important protection against problems that require restorative dental work. This is thanks in part to the cleanings that are provided at each visit; during those cleanings, your hygienist takes care of tartar deposits you cannot remove by brushing and flossing. Even when a problem is present at an appointment, you can benefit because you can enjoy early treatment that prevents complications.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Treatment With A Custom Dental Crown!

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