Check Out Ankeny’s Mystery At The Library Escape Room!

The Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library hosts more than just books to help area residents stay entertained. There are also regularly scheduled activities that are available for people of different age groups to engage in. On Wednesday, December 28 and Thursday, December 29, a special Mystery At The Library Escape Room event is taking place! For your teen, this can be a fun part of Winter Break, and it can be a welcome opportunity to drop in and pick up something to read on your downtime as the holidays draw to a close.

Reading can help you stay engaged and learn new things. Just as this activity helps you support your mind, your oral hygiene routine helps you protect your mouth, and it also helps you preserve your overall well-being! In addition to brushing twice and flossing at least one time every day, keep up with your routine dental exams. Visiting your Ankeny, IA dentist can ensure that you stay informed about your oral health and leads to timely support in the event any problems require care.

Check Out This Fun Event For Teens!

The Mystery At The Library Escape Room event is a fun event recommended for kids between sixth and twelfth grade. Participants are on the hunt for a treasure hidden by the first librarian, and they have to unravel clues while also finding out who is sabotaging the library in their own pursuit of the treasure. This fun and challenging game is a fun way to step out of the house during kids’ break from the school year as well as a nice opportunity to drop by the library and pick up something to read!

More Activities You Can Check Out At The Ankeny Library

The Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library is hosting a number of fun events for different age groups. Kids of all ages as well as adults can find reasons to drop in and enjoy themselves. This space will host board games, host movie screenings, and provide book clubs to join! For more information on the different activities you can enjoy, click here.

Reading Keeps Our Minds Sharp, And Dental Care Keeps Our Smiles Healthy!

Books are a great source of knowledge, just as the dental office is a great source of health protection. Regular dental checkups and cleanings help you preserve more than just your lovely smile. By controlling your risks for problems with gum disease and dental decay, we can help you avoid complications that can negatively impact your overall well-being!

Count On Quality Smile Care From Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office

The year is almost over, but the activities you engage in around the holidays should not take you away from your commitment to smile care! We are here to help, and we are ready to keep supporting you and your family’s smile care needs through 2023. If you would like to find out more, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.