Enjoy AR Workshop Ankeny’s 5 Year Anniversary Event

Saturday, December 17 will see AR Workshop’s Ankeny location celebrate its fifth year with us. To celebrate, they will be hosting a special anniversary gathering that includes festive food and beverage options, tours of their retail and workshop settings, and opportunities to take part in a free mini-candle crafting project! AR Workshop is one of many fun spaces Ankeny residents and visitors can explore in The District at Prairie Trail, and its anniversary celebration can make your trip out to this area even more fun than usual!

Celebrations for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays can be full of fun, but be mindful about the refreshments on offer, as you can put your smile at risk when you are too indulgent in items that are higher in sugar. The right commitment to good oral health is one that combines smart oral hygiene efforts, responsible dieting that is nutrient-rich and low in sugar, and supported with regular dental exams. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we provide consistent oral health exams and cleanings. When it is needed, we also offer more involved care so that we can take on issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Whether you need to make sure that your smile is healthy or want to know how you can improve it through cosmetic work, we are ready to help you!


The fifth anniversary event for the Ankeny AR Workshop location is being held on Saturday, December 17. The event is set to run from 3pm to 6pm.


AR Workshop is located at The District at Prairie Trail. Its address is 1631 SW Main St Suite 104, Ankeny, IA 50023.

Activities Include:

During this special fifth anniversary event, there will be a variety of refreshments available to visitors as well as opportunities to explore the different work spaces and retail area of the shop. Limited spots are available to take part in a crafting activity and come away with a free mini-candle!

For More About This Event:

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A craft project can be fun to take on, but it also takes time and focus to make sure it is successful. Your oral hygiene routine may be baked into your routine, but you should also give it your focus if you want to make sure that it stays effective at caring for your teeth and gums. Minor slips in your hygiene efforts or a gap in your regular exams can make you vulnerable to problems like dental decay and gum disease! Fortunately, you can discuss concerns about your smile care efforts and beneficial changes to your routine during visits to your Ankeny, IA dentist. To find out more about us and our services, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.