Protect Your Smile By Fighting Tartar Formation

Our smiles face threats from both the items we consume and the pickup of harmful microbes throughout the day. Because these materials accumulate so regularly, you can have a difficult time maintaining your oral health without a committed hygiene routine. Fighting the accumulation of bacteria and food particles on your teeth by brushing and flossing will stop plaque formation and keep tartar from developing. Keeping tartar from forming will be particularly helpful; while plaque can still be removed when you clean your smile on your own, the deposits of tartar that are present remain until your next professional dental cleaning. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we provide regular reviews and cleanings to ensure that these agents are removed, and we can also work with you to make sure that no other issues threaten your well-being.

Consistent Smile Care Can Help You Fight Tartar Buildup

You should have the support of both consistent dental exams and a smart daily hygiene routine if you want to protect your smile. Without both of these in place, you can have a tougher time preventing issues like gum disease and tooth decay. You also become more susceptible to this buildup when you are not staying on top of your hygiene needs. These deposits do not require restorative dentistry on their own, but they will make a person more susceptible to the issues that do. They can also create concerns about your periodontal health and make trouble for your smile.

Using Your Daily Routine To Effectively Remove Bacteria And Food Debris

In the course of your daily routine, you should brush your teeth at least twice, and you should floss every evening before you go to sleep. When you practice these habits, be consistent with them so that you reach every area that you can and fight bacteria accumulation in hard to reach spaces. Flossing is particularly important for accessing otherwise hard to clean areas, as brush bristles have a limited capacity for removing debris and microbes from between teeth.

The Role Regular Dental Exams Play In Tartar Removal

The regular dental appointments you schedule will give you important protection against tartar buildup. You are not able to remove this substance on your own, but your dental hygienist will take care of it as they provide your professional dental cleaning. You can rely on this service to lower your risk for future problems with decay and gum disease. If you already show signs of gingivitis at an appointment, we can recommend a more involved periodontal deep cleaning to remove microbes that are causing problems for your soft tissues.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Fighting Tartar Formation!

Through treatment to fight tartar buildup and regular oral hygiene efforts, you can protect yourself against threats to your health and appearance. For more information on what we can do to support you, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.