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From Their First Tooth, They Deserve Quality Dental Care

Keeping to a positive schedule of dental checkups can be a struggle for us all, as it seems like there is never enough time in the day. If you are the parent of a young child, then you understand how difficult time management can be. These appointments are vital in giving your little one the tools that they need to grow into a healthy mouth, so be sure to keep them close to a trusted dentist from an early age.

With our team of children’s dentistry experts in Ankeny, IA, you can help your child to learn the importance of oral health prevention with routine dental checkups for cleanings and examinations. For young smiles, this step holds extra importance, as they start to learn their dental habits earlier than you might think. Give them the positive oral health education that they need to take care of their smile into adulthood. Even with their first set of teeth, these visits are vital, so schedule your next appointment today!

Your Child Needs Dental Education, And Our Team Is Here To Help

As your child grows, their smile changes at a rapid pace. This means that when you wait to schedule their routine appointments to the dentist for a semiannual checkup, problems can continue until you bring them into the office. Their visits for a cleaning and examination are an incredibly important step in their development, and putting off their checkups can be harmful to their health.

Their cleanings and examinations during their dental checkup are only some of the benefits that come alongside a dedication to consistent oral health maintenance. As children start to learn their home hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing, they might need an additional helping hand. Rather than trying to teach them everything yourself, consistent visits to the dentist can keep them on track.

Be Their Dental Role Model By Showing Them The Advantages Of Prevention

Another benefit of bringing your child into the dental office for a routine cleaning and examination is that you have an opportunity to set the tone. By stressing the positive nature of dental checkups, you can help your little one to understand the importance of oral health prevention. Let them know that their visits to the dentist are not something to fear, but rather a way to stay healthy as they grow up. Some parents have found success in tying their checkups to significant events, just as when they head back to school!

Schedule Your Child’s Next Checkup At Dental Impressions Of Ankeny

Give your child the tools they need to develop into a healthy adult smile, starting with a dedication to their oral health prevention. Talk to our team today and schedule their next dental checkup at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA by calling (515) 207-6182!