Ankeny, IA, Dental Bridge

A Dental Bridge Returns Your Full Smile

If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you understand the hardship of living with an incomplete smile. It is easy to see how tooth loss affects the aesthetics of your smile, but you soon find out how this unfortunate situation reduces the function of your bite. Because we rely upon our teeth to fully form our speech, a missing tooth can lead to strange changes in your voice. As neighboring teeth take on a disproportionate amount of your bite’s force, they can wear down at an accelerated rate, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Without treatment, the surrounding members of your smile tend to drift toward the open gap, causing even further misalignment in your smile. Many of these problems can increase the odds of losing additional teeth as well. But with the aid of a prosthetic dental bridge, you can secure your open gap and return a full smile!

At your Ankeny, IA, dental office, we encourage patients with missing teeth to seek replacements that help stabilize their smile. By placing a prosthetic, we can help you take on worsening conditions that affect the bite. A dental bridge provides a nonsurgical option that places a false tooth connected to crowns placed on the remaining teeth. With the right care, this option can last many years. Simply continue to practice diligent oral hygiene and attend your cleanings and exams on a regular basis!

The Conditions That Lead To Dental Loss

While losing teeth may be a rite of passage for children, it is a serious problem in adulthood! Failure to maintain proper oral hygiene for a prolonged amount of time can cause plaque and tartar to build that cause significant decay. Without treatment, tooth decay can become too severe to fix with a dental crown or filling. When this happens, we suggest extracting a tooth to prevent decay from spreading to other parts of the smile. However, the primary cause of missing teeth for adults today is gum disease. If you suspect you have a gum infection, we can provide a periodontal maintenance that helps you get the condition under control. Protecting your remaining gingival tissue is key to preventing additional tooth loss.

Designing And Placing A Dental Bridge

By taking careful measurements of your oral structures, we can create a lifelike bridge that fits comfortably and completes your bite. This prosthetic mimics the shape and function of your missing tooth while attaching to crowns placed on either side of your open gap. After securing your prosthetic, you can enjoy your favorite foods once again!

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA, Dentist About Replacing Your Tooth

If you would like to learn more about this prosthetic option or any other we offer, please contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office at (515) 207-6182 to schedule a visit.