Dental Impressions of ankeny ia offers implants

Fill In Your Gaps With Implants

Dental Impressions of ankeny ia offers implants

If you read our recent blog on dental bridges, you may be wondering about how implants can permanently replace and restore several missing teeth. Bridges and dentures are a good solution for many people who have gaps in their smile, but implants can allow you to be more confident knowing they will restrengthen your jawbone, stay in place, and look completely natural. At Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, we can offer implants to patients who are good candidates.

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How This Solution Works

This is a restorative technique that works by replacing the root and crown of your tooth. When you lose an adult tooth – whether by injury, accident, or health problems – it can weaken your jaw. This can cause several problems, like losing surrounding teeth or difficulty eating. By having a supportive post that is secured deep in the gums, a connecting abutment, and the crown, you can repair your tooth to its proper strength.

Implants are a satisfactory solution for most patients, but not everybody has a strong enough jaw to hold the post. In some cases, other restorative techniques can be used to fix the holes in your smile. If you have simply cracked or chipped the tooth, a ceramic crown can be placed. This will prevent the damage from spreading without the need to fully remove and replace one of your pearly whites.

If you have several missing teeth, there is also the option of dentures or bridges. Depending on your needs, one of these can help replace a single tooth, several in a row, or an entire arch if needed.

Recovering After The Procedure

There are several stages of the surgery, so be prepared for different healing processes. After the initial surgery where the post is inserted, you will need time for the structure to fuse to the bone. You may experience some swelling and sensitivity when eating. After this is healed, the abutment and crown will be placed, and you will need some recovery time as well.

You may need to eat softer foods during the initial recovery. You should also avoid smoking cigarettes while you heal from your surgery. Once you have gotten used to your new prosthetic tooth, you can enjoy your life as you did before. There should be little worry when it comes to chewing or speaking, and your smile will look natural.

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