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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

In our last blog, we discussed how dental bridges can help you have a complete smile if you have lost one or more teeth in the same row. However, the downside of this prosthetic is that it does not replace the root of your tooth. To achieve this, you would need a dental implant. Today, the team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, is here to explain more about this process.

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Comparing Bridges, Dentures, And Implants

There are several ways that you can achieve a complete smile after tooth loss. The method used for this restoration will depend on a few factors, including the severity of loss, your oral health, and your unique needs. One way this can be done is with a dental bridge. This is used for patients who are missing up to three teeth in the same row. It is permanent and does not need to be removed for cleaning. Another option is dentures. These can help replace teeth throughout your oral cavity and can be made to be partial or full. In some cases, you can have post-retained dentures as well. Lastly, there is the option of a dental implant. This type of prosthetic can replace both the root and crown of your missing tooth. As a result, your gums and jawbone can continue to be supported.

The Process Of Receiving An Implant

Getting an implant can be a months-long process, but the result will last you many years. Before starting, you will need a consultation with your dentist to examine your smile. It is important that your gums and jaw are healthy and will be able to sustain the post. After the consultation, the process can begin. The first step is to add the post below the gumline. This will be followed by a resting period that allows the post and bone to fuse. This process allows the root of the tooth to be mimicked. Once this has happened, the abutment piece and crown can be added on. The crown is the visible part of the tooth. This will be made of porcelain and crafted to look like your natural teeth.

How Long Does An Implant Last

This prosthetic is created to be long-lasting. Unlike dentures, you will not need to remove it to clean or take care of them. You will be able to chew, speak, smile, and do your oral hygiene routine without worry. The major advantage of this restoration is that it can help promote a healthy jawbone and will reduce the risk of tooth loss in the future.

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