Ankeny, IA, dentist offers professional teeth whitening services

A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Could Upgrade Your Smile

Have you noticed that your smile has become discolored and less vibrant over time? This is normal and may have occurred due to aging, genetics, and food or drinks you consume. Your Dental Impressions team in Ankeny, IA, can help remove these stains and help your pearly whites appear brighter with a professional whitening treatment. Our at home or in office treatment can be customized to your needs and you can see results in just a few weeks.

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What Causes Stains On Your Teeth

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the most common culprits of this is dark-colored beverages. If you are a daily tea, coffee, or soda drinker, you may notice that your smile has become discolored because of these beverages. To prevent this from happening, you can reduce your consumption or make sure to rinse your mouth after drinking them. Factors such as genetics and aging can affect the vibrancy of your smile, too. Some people genetically have a thicker enamel, which may make their teeth appear brighter

Deciding On An In-Office Or At Home Treatment

Our patients have different needs, which is why we offer a variety of methods to improve your smile. One option for professional teeth whitening is to have this done in our office. A bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth and activated with a light. You may be able to see the results after a single visit. If you prefer to do this on your own, don’t reach for the generic kits you can buy at the grocery store. Instead, have a personalized whitening kit made for your specific needs. Your dentist will send you home with custom trays and whitening supplies. You will wear these every day for the amount of time set by your dentist. When your done, you can show off your vibrant results to your friends.

The Benefits Of A Whitening Service

You may want to brighten your teeth before a special occasion like prom, graduation, a wedding, or a job interview. This can help you look and feel your best at the event and when taking pictures. You may also feel motivated to take better care of your teeth if they look better. To maintain your results, make sure to practice a regular hygiene routine and visit your dentist every six months. A brightening treatment may not work for everyone. For stubborn blemishes or other cosmetic concerns, porcelain veneers or a bonding service may be more suitable.

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