Ankeny, IA, dentist offers bonding and contouring services

Improve Your Smile Without Extensive Alterations

Our team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA offers several cosmetic treatment options for our patients. These can help remove or disguise discoloration and create a symmetrical appearing smile. Bonding and contouring are more conservative approaches to esthetic enhancements. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how these methods work.

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Add Composite Resin To Areas Of Imperfection

Cosmetic bonding is the process of adding composite resin to blemishes on your teeth. This can include discoloration that cannot be lifted, small surface-level chips, minor gaps between your teeth, and more. One advantage of this method is that it is a conservative approach that does not require drastic preparations or make significant alterations to your smile. It can upgrade your look in a natural way. This method may be a good option for patients whose teeth do not respond well to whitening, or for patients who are interested in veneers but want a more conservative option. The process can be done in a single appointment and the results will last for several years. To maintain your results, you will simply care for your smile as you normally would with your at home hygiene routine and biannual checkups.

Reshape Pointy, Jagged, Or Uneven Teeth

Bonding is a great way to add to your smile and disguise blemishes. But what do you do when there is an area you would like to remove? If you have pointy, jagged, or overlapping teeth, we can use contouring to reshape your pearly whites and create a symmetrical appearance. Like bonding, this process can be done in a single appointment. You can pair this treatment with bonding for a complete transformation. Before having this done, your dentist will have a consultation with you to discuss your goals. Contouring may be beneficial for patients who have uneven sized teeth. If some of your structures overlap, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment first.

Talk To Your Dentist About Other Options

There is no one-size-fits-all option for cosmetic treatments. Bonding and contouring may be considered a happy medium between professional whitening and veneers. However, these other methods may be beneficial for your needs. If your main priority is whitening your smile, your dentist may recommend a professional whitening treatment first. This can lift extrinsic stains and leave you with brighter pearly whites. For patients who have several esthetic concerns, porcelain veneers may be a great option. This process is more extensive but can offer several benefits. You can discuss your oral health history and goals with your dentist to determine what options are best for your needs.

Schedule A Cosmetic Treatment With Our Team

Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, offers professional whitening, bonding and contouring, and veneers. To get started on one of these improvements, schedule an appointment today by calling (515) 965-0230.