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Signs Of Bruxism That Should Concern You

There are different warning signs of oral health problems to watch out for if you want to stay on top of your smile care needs. Signs of trouble like morning dental pain and sensitivity, pain or stiffness in your face and jaw, and issues with enamel wear and tear can all point to problems with… Read more »

Useful Information On Bruxism And Its Treatment

If you tend to grind and clench your teeth while you are sleeping, your smile can face more risks than you realize. As you continue to let this habit go untreated, you can do increasing harm to your enamel and make yourself vulnerable to problems that require restorative treatment! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is… Read more »

Protecting Smiles From Nightly Teeth Grinding

The effects of bruxism can be significant for people who regularly grind and clench their jaw while they sleep. Worsening wear and tear on your enamel can cause you to experience problems with teeth that look worn down and misshapen, and can even lead to problems with chips and cracks! At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s… Read more »

Treat Bruxism To Prevent Dental Damage

If you want to protect your teeth from harm, what actions should you take on a daily basis? Brushing and flossing will certainly help. You should also think about how your diet can protect your enamel, as a reduction in acidic and sugary products will leave them exposed to fewer harmful agents. For people who… Read more »

How Bruxism Disrupts Your Quality Of Life

When jaw pain and dental sensitivity feel like regular parts of your morning, it can be difficult to ignore the possibility that something is wrong. The persistent discomfort that you feel can warn you that you have a problem with bruxism—habitual teeth grinding—that is affecting your jaw and teeth during the night. The longer it… Read more »

Addressing Harm Caused By Teeth Grinding

Our dental enamel protects our teeth as we bite and chew through different foods, including those that may be tougher. While strong, this material is not completely indestructible. Problems with your oral hygiene routine and physical injuries can certainly lead to problems. You can also experience difficulties when you have a tendency to grind your… Read more »

Morning Jaw Pain? It Could Be Bruxism

With proper rest, you can reliably start each morning feeling refreshed and energized. It may be less than shocking to feel groggy and lethargic after poor sleep, but other problems at the start of your day can be harder to explain. For example, you may have a tendency to wake up with pain and stiffness… Read more »

Can Bruxism Really Cause Your Teeth To Chip?

The effects of bruxism—a recurring tendency to grind and clench your teeth—can leave you with a smile that you are no longer proud to show off. The gradual wear and tear from this activity can hurt the shape and overall look of your enamel. In time, you can even experience noticeable chips and cracks in… Read more »

Resolving Problems Linked To Bruxism

Your trouble with dental wear and tear could be connected to teeth grinding issues that your dentist can help you manage. People who struggle with bruxism can talk to their Ankeny, IA dentist’s office about how to protect themselves against worsening enamel wear and tear. In addition to providing protection against further trouble with grinding… Read more »

Addressing Consequences Of Teeth Grinding

What can happen if you tend to grind and clench your teeth at night? Over time, you can have difficulties with pain, limited jaw movement, and noticeable dental damage! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help with an ongoing struggle with bruxism. Through the protection of your smile with a custom appliance, we can keep… Read more »