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Don’t Ignore Your Kids’ Cavities! 

You may not necessarily feel the urgency of seeing our Ankeny, IA team when your child needs a dental filling. Maybe you aren’t too worried about consistent dental checkups just yet because your child still has baby teeth (more on that later!), you may assume you have lots of time to treat tooth decay, and… Read more »

Is Your Child Gagging During Dental Hygiene?

Do you have a kiddo in your household who tends to gag during dental hygiene? This may be something that doesn’t really bother your child but causes you some alarm. Or, this may be an issue that leads to upset and tears and is making hygiene time more and more traumatic. What to do, you… Read more »

Children’s Care: A Few Things We Automatically Help You With

When you schedule dental checkups for your kiddos, you may always feel like you should be compiling a long list of questions that pop up in your mind from time to time. You may worry that if you don’t remember to ask about particular issues, you may forget about them, and then your child may… Read more »

A Review In Honor Of National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Unless you’re an avid follower of all things dental health related (which, if you are, you deserve a round of applause!), you may not have recognized that in addition to other things, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! As you first hear this, you may think to yourself that this is a wonderful way… Read more »

Family Dentistry During The Holidays: Important Tidbits!

Family dentistry is something that is probably on your mind, in your planner, and more throughout most of the year. However, most of the year is not filled with several consecutive holidays, replete with things to do, parties to plan, invites to consider, gifts to purchase and wrap, decorations to pull out of the attic,… Read more »

Kids And Facial Trauma: Things To Remember

Did you know that April is National Facial Protection Month? What you may also overlook is the fact that facial trauma is something that can happen to anyone, kids included, even though it sounds like the type of thing that happens to “someone else.” Take a few pointers to heart, so you know you’re offering… Read more »

Teens: Smile Care Suggestions

When your kids are little, you brush and floss their teeth for them until they are ready to do so independently. Then, you monitor their early attempts to make sure they’re actually getting the job done (and not swallowing any toothpaste). Next, you spend a handful of years yelling into the bathroom Hey! Did you… Read more »

Some Stellar Sippy Cup Suggestions

When you have children, you will find yourself going through that transition when they move from the bottle to a cup. As you will find, this is not necessarily going to happen with exceptional grace and ease. Of course, this is where sippy cups come into play! When you don’t have the time, patience, and… Read more »

Your Kids: Chewing Details To Consider

One day, you’re sitting down to dinner with your kids and everything is just fine. The next, your child is having trouble eating and you find out it’s due to chewing problems. What’s going on here, what should be doing to treat or prevent such concerns, and what should you keep in mind? Let’s work… Read more »

Dental Care Part 2: Ask Your Kids What’s Wrong

While self-reflection and figuring out what’s going on with your own feelings about dental care is something you can do quite easily with just a little push from us, learning about your children’s feelings is a bit different. Of course, they don’t completely comprehend the significance of brushing and flossing and visits, so not wanting… Read more »