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The “Meaning” Behind A Whiter Smile

Do you know what it means to have a whiter smile than the one you currently have? If you’re shrugging your shoulders and just thinking to yourself that it means your smile looks great, then we cannot argue with that! However, our Ankeny, IA team wants to be sure you really understand what a white… Read more »

4 Ways To Get Your Smile’s Appearance To Match Your Efforts 

Let’s say you’re one of our patients who takes amazing care of your smile. You’re always on top of the stuff we suggest you accomplish at home, including brushing, flossing, and even being careful with the foods and drinks you eat! Then, you remember to make time to see our Ankeny, IA team for the… Read more »

Problematic Smile Gaps: What To Do About Them?

Are you dealing with one type of gap or another in terms of your smile? Maybe it’s a gap that you can see! Perhaps it’s a gap that’s figurative and that makes it somewhat difficult for you to maintain your oral health. Whether literal or metaphorical, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that we are… Read more »

“Nope” Answers To Veneer Questions

There are many ways to look at treatments that you’re considering for your smile. Generally speaking, you begin the process of learning by asking open-ended questions and then receiving the information you’re looking for, as you memorize key facts. However, you may wonder: What happens when you have lots of information but you are still… Read more »

Smile Stain Stoppers: 4 Things To Remember!

Good news on the smile stain front: There are certainly a variety of ways to do your absolute best to stop discoloration from forming altogether! While a bit of natural wear and tear may eventually cause even the most attentive patient to feel like it might be time to schedule a visit for a round… Read more »

Times You’ll Be Relieved You Chose Cosmetic Care

Of course, you can very easily imagine instances in which you’ll feel happy about selecting cosmetic care for yourself. However, if this area of smile care is something that crosses your mind frequently but is not something you’ve made any actual movement on pursuing, then it may help you to consider the astounding amount of… Read more »

3 Amazing Benefits Of Selecting Contouring

So, you know what dental contouring is and as you think it over, you start to realize it could probably help you with the issues you’re having with your smile. It could be that you have a tooth that’s too pointed and you just need to soften that tip. You might have a couple teeth… Read more »

Have You Reached Your 2019 Whitening Goals?

Did you have lots of big dreams when the 2019 year began? Were you thinking all about the lovely, much brighter, stain-free smile you were going to achieve and you were feeling so motivated, what with the 12 months of time you had ahead of you to figure things out, get started with treatment, and… Read more »

Your Smile: What Needs To Be Better?

How’s your smile doing? If you’re not immediately responding with, “Absolutely amazing!” but instead instantly feel that sense that something needs a bit of improvement, we’re all ears! Remember that our Ankeny, IA dental team is here to help you with everything you need in regard to your smile care, whether you feel you need… Read more »

Discoloration To Discomfort: We Treat It All

What’s going on with your smile? Did you know that no matter what it is, you don’t have to sit at home feeling worried, feeling upset, frantically searching for ideas online, or wondering what’s going to happen? If you’re not already aware, our Ankeny, IA team wants you to take away one single thing from… Read more »