Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Holiday Goals: Is It Too Late?

Perhaps when the year began, you had a quick mental conversation with yourself about some of the things you wanted to accomplish for the year in terms of your smile! Like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, this may have included (at least in part) a deadline of the winter holiday season. As the year… Read more »

Major Reminders: What’s That Cosmetic Treatment Do?

You may sometimes find yourself talking about cosmetic care as an option for yourself, since you know that you have access to the means for making your smile look so much lovelier with our Ankeny, IA team! However, when you really start to take a closer glance, considering what you might be able to accomplish… Read more »

Dental Bonding: The Little Fix With Big Results! 

So then, what really is dental bonding, you’re wondering to yourself? You’ve heard about it before but you don’t know that you necessarily really understand what it does for patients, what type of care it provides, or whether it may be able to help you and your smile. In short, it’s a cosmetic dentistry treatment that… Read more »

Reasons Your Smile Looks Dim

Smile not looking like the brilliant, beautiful smile you envision before you catch a quick glance in the mirror? When you realize that your smile isn’t exactly brown or yellow or anything else but that it’s just dim or lackluster, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you of two very important things: First, that this is… Read more »

Not Impressed With Your Smile? Try This! 

Have you ever had one of those moments, during which you notice your smile in the mirror and realize you’re not very impressed? If so, then chances are good the next day and then the next will include the same reaction, when you catch a glimpse of this facial feature. So, what should you do… Read more »

What You’re Not Realizing About Cosmetic Changes

When the thought of heading to our Ankeny, IA practice for cosmetic care crosses your mind, you may immediately dismiss it because you have come up with some assumptions that makes you guess it’s not everything you want. However, upon closer inspection (which is something you can easily do when you visit us), you may… Read more »

Why Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation At The Start Of Fall?

Autumn is most certainly headed our way, which may already have you thinking about a million miles a minute about many details! If this time of years is a fun, action-packed, and special time for you, then chances are good you’re engaging in some serious socializing, which also means that many eyes are landing on… Read more »

Your Whitening Checklist: 4 Things You Want Answered First

Before you decide that you’re completely ready for and excited to move forward with teeth whitening with our Ankeny, IA practice, you probably have a checklist in your head. As with anything, you want to feel absolutely certain and resolved in your choice, so you don’t have worries that will get in the way of… Read more »

Skinny Teeth, Wide Teeth: What To Do?

You may look in the mirror and think to yourself that you have skinny teeth, which you’re not too thrilled with. On the other hand, you may glance at your reflection and wonder why your teeth are so wide and wish you weren’t dealing with any type of overlapping (but you are). Then, of course,… Read more »

Interesting Details About Porcelain Veneers

You know quite a lot about porcelain veneers in terms of how they may benefit your smile, if you have been considering them for cosmetic improvement! You know that they will allow you to camouflage problems like issues with texture or staining, you know that you can customize their size and shape, and as a… Read more »