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If You Break A Tooth, You Should…

Of course, we can offer you all of the advice in the world when it comes to avoiding a broken tooth, which might be something you’re thinking will be of use in the future. For now, however, you want to know: What should I do if I break a tooth? The first response is to… Read more »

Challenging Dental Care Concern? Make It Easier!

Everyone has a different, very unique experience with dental care. For some, most of the administrative details (keeping up with scheduling care) is very easy. For some, it’s extremely challenging! For some, enjoying and following through with dental hygiene every day is a breeze! For others? Not so much. To get started, our Ankeny, IA… Read more »

Things You Think About Fillings (That Aren’t True)

You may have lots of ideas about dental fillings. Some of them may be spot on! However, some of them may be not quite right. Unfortunately, the ideas you have that are brought about due to misinformation can cause you some serious trouble! In what way, you ask? Well, they may cause you to avoid… Read more »

Sinus Pressure And Toothaches: What’s Going On?

Are you experiencing sinus pressure and, at the same time, you seem to have some serious tooth pain going on? Perhaps your teeth are a little sore but they also feel as though they’re being pressed on from within, causing you to feel as though you would gain some serious relief if only you could… Read more »

Small Changes That Mean: Call Us!

It’s true that just about any smile change you cannot exactly identify or that points to a need for professional dental care is a good reason to call us. However, today, our Ankeny, IA team would like to remind you of what we call small smile changes. They are those issues that seem quite insignificant… Read more »

What’s So Bad About Restorative Dentistry?

You may have noticed that restorative dentistry is often looked upon in a negative light. You may hear friends and family moan and groan about needing fillings. You may feel nervous or upset when you learn you need a dental crown. However, our Ankeny, IA team wonders, have you ever stopped to ask why restorative… Read more »

Optimal Oral Health: What Is It, How To Get It?

When you speak with our Ankeny, IA team or read anything we have to say, you will often notice we refer to you doing your best to achieve and maintain your optimal oral health. This sounds pretty nice, of course, and you feel somewhat sure that you should be able to get to this point… Read more »

Important Considerations when You Have a Crown

Dental crowns are popular ways to effectively address several different kinds of dental health concerns. For instance, they’re often recommended for restoring a tooth that’s been fractured or broken. The restoration completely caps the tooth so that the damage doesn’t continue to grow worse, and it restores your bite’s ability to function properly and comfortably…. Read more »

A Look at Today’s Tooth Fillings

When adhered to strictly, an excellent hygiene routine and schedule of preventive dental care (such as checkups and cleanings) can greatly increase your chances of preventing issues like cavities. However, not everyone can adhere to that routine strictly every single day, and sometimes, one small slipup can be all a cavity needs to develop. At… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Unanswered Questions You Want To Ask!

You have long heard about tooth-colored fillings and now, here you are, finding yourself in need of one. While it sounds nice at first blush, you immediately find that the questions you’ve always had about this type of restorative care are still there. However, now they are unanswered questions that you would really like to… Read more »