Month: February 2012

Heart Health Myths Dispelled by Your Ankeny Dentist

You have probably seen or heard something in the media pertaining to heart disease. This is because the American Heart Association and the medical community designate February as a month to raise awareness for heart disease. Although we provide excellent dental care at Dental Impressions, we also care about your general health too. In honor… Read more »

Dental Impressions’ Smile Makeover Quiz

Have you ever wondered if cosmetic dentistry would be a good option for you? Do you gaze at movie stars’ illustrious smiles with envy? You’ve probably heard about cosmetic dentistry in the news. Maybe you have even had a friend or coworker receive treatment for a chipped or stained tooth. Did you know that cosmetic… Read more »

Sugarless Gum is Good for Your Oral Health

We know that eating candy is bad for our teeth. Our parents and dentists have told us this since we were young. However, if we opt for sugarless gum and breath mints containing xylitol, we can enjoy consuming something sweet without worrying if we are damaging our teeth. What is Xylitol? Xylitol is frequently used… Read more »