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4 Ways To Better Your Smile Right Now

One of those aspects of dental care that can cause you to feel frustrated, to give into procrastination, etc., is feeling as though making improvements is always going to include a very long road. You want to change something right now to feel as though you’re making your smile better immediately but that sense of… Read more »

Craving Those Autumn Treats: Try This, Not That, For Your Smile!

When fall shows up, the instant you feel that crisp chilliness in the air, all bets are off when it comes to your usual approach to eating. No matter what, you’re going to find yourself craving some autumn treats! Of course, the choices you make and the types of foods you select are well within… Read more »

Simply Put: Steps For Achieving An Amazing Smile

You know from what you always hear from our Ankeny, IA team and from the world of dental care in general that it’s absolutely possible to keep your smile in lovely condition. However, if you find that you feel somewhat unsure, conflicted, or confused about the simple steps that will get you to the point… Read more »

Pop-Up Brushing Questionnaire: Are You On Track?

If we ask you a bunch of questions about how your brushing sessions are going these days, do you think you will end up answering them all with flying colors? Will it turn out that you’re following our Ankeny, IA practice’s general suggestions for a job well done with dental hygiene? Or, do you think… Read more »

Not Impressed With Your Smile? Try This! 

Have you ever had one of those moments, during which you notice your smile in the mirror and realize you’re not very impressed? If so, then chances are good the next day and then the next will include the same reaction, when you catch a glimpse of this facial feature. So, what should you do… Read more »

Wow! Easy Bedtime Tips For A Healthy Grin! 

In the morning, you brush (and you might floss, too) and you move forward into the day! You’re awake, you’re doing things, there are meals to eat, water to be rinsed throughout your smile, and more! However, your bedtime routine looks quite different. You know that there’s another dental hygiene session before you, only this… Read more »

Your Breath And The Dental Care It Suggests You Need

Your breath is telling you things all the time but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily picking up on the details. Of course, when things are fine, you don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the scent that is leaving your mouth. It’s really when your smile starts to give off an odor that… Read more »

What To Do For A Fantastic “See Ya!” Moment In 2019

There’s something so relieving and also satisfying about saying goodbye to the current year, as we welcome in a new one. On one hand, you can wave goodbye to anything that didn’t go quite right, as you look forward to a clean slate! On the other hand, it’s heart-warming to look back fondly on things… Read more »

Is My Smile Clean? Assumptions Versus Facts! 

If you’re really, really up-to-date and on top of the details associated with your preventive care responsibilities, then this is probably not something you frequently find yourself wondering about! However, whether you aren’t entirely sure about how to properly keep up with prevention, you have let it slide a bit, or you’re just curious about… Read more »

Understanding: Symptoms And Underlying Oral Health Issues

You might have heard something along the lines of “don’t just treat the symptom!” before. Maybe you have heard someone say that when you take a pain reliever for an oral health issue, such as a toothache, you’re just covering up or masking the problem. While you certainly don’t want to do the wrong thing… Read more »