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How Dental Exams Help Kids And Adults

Does your family have all the support it needs when it comes to oral health care? While a person’s needs change through the years, access to oral health support from a dentist will remain important for the sake of their smile. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can actually help you ensure that your entire family’s… Read more »

Dental Cleanings And Your Oral Health Risks

Are you at risk for problems with dental decay or gum disease? Bacteria and food debris will continue to gather in our mouths, but we control those accumulations by brushing and flossing. Good hygiene, along with a commitment to maintaining a smart diet, will help you avoid potential problems with your dental well-being. To further… Read more »

Stop Ignoring Dental Discomfort!

How often do you find yourself reacting to tooth pain or sensitivity issues? Are you growing concerned about discomfort that you feel when you move your jaw to perform simple actions like eating, speaking, or laughing? Dental discomfort is not a problem that you should simply shrug off, particularly when the problem persists over time…. Read more »

Are You Watching For Signs Of Gingivitis?

Watching out for signs of smile problems can help you avoid difficulties caused by severe oral health issues. Unfortunately, some issues can be difficult to spot on your own. For example, you may not realize that a cavity has formed until it grows serious enough to let an infection develop. When it comes to your… Read more »

Combining Home Care With Dental Cleanings

Does your home smile care routine really do enough to keep your smile safe from harm? You should make effective oral hygiene efforts a priority each day, but you should also know that there are important benefits to professional teeth cleanings that you should not miss out on. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Fighting Gingivitis With A Deep Cleaning

How important is it that you recognize and fight issues with gingivitis? For the sake of your smile and your general health, you should take problems that affect your gums seriously. Failing to do so can lead to complications that damage tissues responsible for supporting teeth, and it can also lead to the spread of… Read more »

How Overlooked Dental Problems Harm You

If you have no noticeable problems with your smile, you may feel confident that nothing is wrong, and that you have no need to see your dentist. What you should know is that your oral health can be affected by issues that are not easy to detect until they become more severe. Not taking warning… Read more »

Providing Smile Care For Ankeny Families

For kids and parents alike, smile care is important. Our Ankeny, IA dental office can actually make care easier for you to arrange for your household because we offer all-ages dental services. You can appreciate the convenience of having one location to visit for everyone’s routine dental exams and cleanings. You can also appreciate how… Read more »

Dealing With Gingivitis During A Dental Exam

At a regular dental exam, your Ankeny, IA dentist will carefully check you for any signs of problems with your well-being. What kind of issues should worry you? In addition to having potential problems with the state of their teeth, patients can have difficulties with their gums. A review can identify evidence of infection that… Read more »

Different Warning Signs Of Oral Health Trouble

Have you been overlooking signs and symptoms of problems that require your dentist’s attention? It can be stressful to imagine that something is currently wrong with your health. Fortunately, you can receive important feedback during your routine oral health appointments so that this lingering concern can be resolved. What you may not realize is that… Read more »