Smile Care: Oh, It’s Back To School Time, All Right!

Your little ones might be doing everything they can to soak up the rest of these very last moments of summer break! You, on the other hand, may be all too aware of the fact that it’s coming up quick, there’s much to do, a lot to prioritize, and if you’ve sort of forgotten all about scheduling your kids’ smile care as you’ve been enjoying sunshine-filled days, well … it’s time to get back on track! Need a little help from our Ankeny, IA practice? No problem! It’s what family dentistry is all about.

From Our Practice

You might have been a dedicated patient this summer and kept up with the preventive details that you’re usually on top of. Or, your children may not be on a June/December type schedule for their dental visits, so it might not be time just yet. No matter how you usually set up their preventive care with cleanings and checkups, remember: As long as it’s every six months, then you’ve got your family dentistry needs take care of. Keep in mind, too, that as much as the kiddos need their care, so do you! Call us before school begins to make sure you’ve got any upcoming visits scheduled.

At Home

Yes, you might be getting up extra early pretty soon if you have lazy mornings during summertime. So, what’s your game plan for getting through the morning? How about the after-school, after-homework, after-dinner dental hygiene sessions? Are you ready? Check out the following list that will make sure you’ve got your family dentistry home care needs all squared away:

  • Everyone will need a toothbrush (if yours are older than three or four months, it’s time for replacements)
  • Everyone needs toothpaste! You might want to surprise your kids with a special new paste to get them excited for the earlier mornings and busier nights
  • Floss! Don’t forget that it’s just as important as your toothbrush and toothpaste

Some Extra Reminders

There are some extra options for protecting your kids’ smiles, which is easy to focus on as back-to-school time becomes the priority. Remember to take just a moment to ask yourself if your kids need athletic mouthguards, sealants, or anything else you’ve been meaning to address. Then, call us up!

See You Soon For Back-To-School Care

If you need sealants, cleanings, or any other type of dental care for your children in anticipation of the new school year, don’t hesitate to call! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.