3 Things To Remember About Scheduling An Implant Consultation

There’s something about embarking on a new journey that can make just about anyone find themselves feeling a bit jittery in anticipation. Even though you feel excited about learning new details about dental implants and exploring how they may offer you the replacement you need for missing teeth, that doesn’t necessarily mean you feel entirely comfortable calling our practice to let us know! So, since you just might need a bit of reassurance as you prepare to contact our Ankeny, IA team to set up your implant consultation, let us offer you some very important things to remember!

#1: This Is Just A Visit To Learn More

When you meet with our team for a dental implant consultation, remember: This is just a consultation. We’re not going to suggest you get started right then and there (after all, you will have to visit a trusted oral surgeon for the placement). It’s a time to learn and become acquainted with implants!

#2: We Can Actually Give You Solid Facts About Your Smile

Selecting any type of care for your smile to restore it, whether you need to address decay, a missing tooth, or anything else, means that you are going to need information about your own teeth, gums, and other tissues. So, coming in to talk with us about dental implants and tooth replacement is extremely important. You can read and read online and talk with friends but the only way to find out exactly what will work for your own oral health is to come in for help from our professional dental team!

#3: You Have A Lot Of Options To Choose From

Whether you like what you hear about dental implants or you find that the more you learn, the more it seems you might actually prefer a traditional prosthetic device, you’re not going to walk away from your consultation with us feeling defeated or like you have limited options. Instead, when you come in, you will find that first, within the world of choosing implants there are so very many ways to choose them for your smile! Then again, if you wish to consider another route with traditional replacement, you’ve got a variety of pathways through this selection, too. Ready to replace your missing teeth? There’s a unique solution that you will be extremely pleased to discover.

See Us As Soon As You Are Ready To Learn About Implants

When you’re feeling ready to explore dental implants and perhaps to consider other methods of tooth replacement, take the time to come speak with our team! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.