Cosmetic Dentistry In Ankeny: What Are You Wondering About?

What is it that you’ve been wondering about as you dream of changes you’d like to make to your smile, so it’s a much prettier version of its current self? Do you think about coming in to receive cosmetic dentistry from our Ankeny, IA practice but since you don’t really know much about what we offer or about cosmetic treatments in general, you feel like your list of inquiries is a long one? This is perfectly natural! Fortunately, all you’ve really got to do to feel informed and to begin considering the path you’d like to choose for your smile is to spend a little time learning more and seeing us for a consultation!

When You’re Curious About What You Can Achieve

Maybe you know that you want your smile to look better. However, you’re not actually familiar with the world of cosmetic dentistry or what we offer at our Ankeny practice. What you’d really like to know is more about the treatments we can provide, what each treatment does, and what you might be able to actually accomplish with your smile. In short: We offer a comprehensive listing of options and you can achieve just about anything!

When You’re Wondering What It Will Feel Like

Our team knows that the sensations that come along with any type of smile care are often at the forefront of your mind. While we can go into some detail regarding different treatments, one thing is common to them all: They’re completely comfortable to receive!

When You’re Thinking About A Timeline

If what you want is to know how long it’s going to take for a particular cosmetic dentistry treatment at our Ankeny practice, just take a moment to speak with us about a plan for your smile. Remember that each treatment is different, may require prep or no prep at all, etc. For instance, you may be able to come in for dental bonding right away and be finished with it with just one visit. However, veneers may require you to come in for preparation, impressions, and then to come in again for your fitting and final placement. In any case, cosmetic treatments are quite convenient and efficient.

Talk Your Cosmetic Questions Over With Us!

Set up a consultation with our Ankeny team, so we may discuss cosmetic dentistry with you as we offer all the insight you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.