3 Teeth T’s And What To Think

Spending any amount of time staring at your teeth closely in the mirror and really giving them a good long think can cause you to start wondering about things you’ve simply never noticed before. Then, of course, dealing with any new sensation that pops up can also cause your thoughts to go into overdrive. Today, our Ankeny, IA team would like for you to take a couple of very important factors into consideration. Number one, remember that no matter your concern, the best choice is always to bring it to our attention, so you know what’s really going on. Number two, we’d like to take a quick stroll through a few T-based teeth-related things that may be troubling you, so you realize there are lots of things to consider, which are either normal or an oral health issue we can fix with dental care!

#1: Teeth That Look Translucent

We are very aware that you may worry when you catch a glimpse of your smile that really showcases the fact that your teeth appear translucent! The good news? This isn’t “bad” or something to worry about. The basic fact that you can gently see through your teeth is due to the fact that all dental enamel is translucent. While some may be more so than others, and very thin, damaged enamel will be much further away from the opaque end of the spectrum, remember: For healthy teeth, this characteristic isn’t a warning sign but is just how teeth look. If you’re worried, feel free to mention this issue during a visit. However, in the meantime, remember that your oral health is likely A-OK.

#2: Teeth That Feel Tender

Do you feel as though your teeth are tender? Maybe even the slightest amount of pressure from biting into food makes you wince with pain or you feel widespread sensitivity that’s very uncomfortable. Whatever the particular case, this is an oral health issue that does require attention. However, since it may mean one of many different things, from irritation to decay or infection, it’s very important that you solve the dilemma by coming in for a visit. Only we can tell you what’s going on and how to make things better, so call us to schedule a dental checkup today!

#3: Teeth That Experience Visible Trauma

If your teeth look traumatized but your oral health is perfectly fine, you may worry that you’re stuck. Good news! You’re not! We offer comprehensive cosmetic care to address everything from chips to serious internal discoloration.

Come To Us For All Teeth Improvement Needs

Don’t be shy about letting us know when you have questions about your teeth or you need help. Just give our team a call as soon as you can, so we may diagnose the concern and move forward with treatment. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.