How to Tell if Your Toothache Has a Cavity

There are many reasons why a tooth can start to ache, but cavities are one of the most common causes. Because more than 90% of people experience cavities at least once in their lives, it’s natural for you to wonder if your toothache means that your tooth is developing one, too. However, cavities aren’t the only reason for teeth to ache. Therefore, before we can recommend the appropriate treatment at our Ankeny, IA, dental office, we’ll help you make sure if a cavity is the cause of your toothache.

If the sensitivity grows increasingly worse

A cavity, or hole in your tooth, develops when the tooth begins to decay. This means harmful oral bacteria have reached its structure and have begun to erode it, leading to progressively worse damage to your tooth. As the tooth decay and cavity grow worse, so will the pain and discomfort in your tooth. Because of this, one of the common signs that your toothache is the result of a cavity is that the pain grows increasingly more severe over time. This is also an indication that the toothache (and cavity) won’t go away until you actively treat it.

If you notice the cavity forming in your tooth

Once it becomes large enough, a cavity is hard to ignore in your tooth. You may feel the hole in your tooth when you run your tongue across it, or see it in the mirror when you brush and floss your teeth. Besides the increasing pain of the cavity, you may also notice discoloration in a certain area of your tooth, which will also grow more prominent the longer it’s left untreated.

If your dentist sees it during your checkup

While there’s a good chance that you may notice your cavity as it grows more severe, you have a better chance at detecting much sooner by visiting your dentist for an examination. You should do so anyway at least once every six months as part of a preventive dental care routine. However, if you experience a toothache that continues to grow worse, then you should schedule a visit as soon as possible to determine why, and to treat it before the condition grows worse.

Find out if your toothache means you have a cavity

Many toothaches are the result of a cavity developing, which means your best chance at finding relief may be to seek appropriate tooth decay treatment. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA immediately at (515) 965-0230. We also proudly serve patients who live in Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and all surrounding communities.