Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, is here for your child's dental needs.

The Importance Of Pediatric Dental Care

Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, is here for your child's dental needs.

If you read our last blog on pediatric dentistry, you may already know that you should start bringing your child to the dentist once they begin growing their first teeth. In today’s blog, the staff at Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, is here to share with you the major threats to your child’s oral health and tips to help them enjoy caring for their teeth. After all, it’s important to start good habits young so that they can have a lifetime enjoying a great smile.

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Common Dental Concerns For Kids

As your young one begins to grow their first teeth in and grow up, they will experience several changes to their smile over the years. It’s important to identify areas that could harm your young one’s oral health and how to prevent them to the best of your ability.

-Cavities: Your kiddo is at a higher risk of tooth decay due to a combination of sugary snacks and not knowing their full oral hygiene routine yet. To prevent caries from forming, try to limit the amount of sugar they consume and brush together to lead by example. At your next dentist visit, we may also recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen and protect against decay.

-Thumb Sucking: This is a common instinct to comfort themselves. However, if they continue doing this as their adult teeth grow, orthodontic issues can arise. The teeth may not grow properly, causing speech problems, bite misalignment, and more. Use a comforting and understanding approach to weening your kiddo off thumb-sucking.

-Losing Teeth: Even though this is a natural part of life, this could be scary for some children. To make the process easier, make sure that you do not pull the tooth out yourself. Allow it to come out on its own to limit potential damage. Let your child know that a new one will be coming in right after that, and this is a fun part of growing up.

-Dental Anxiety: Many people fear the dentist, whether it be due to the procedures, tools, or strangers probing around at your smile. To help combat this, take your kid to the dentist starting at an early age to help them feel more comfortable.

The Benefits Of Building Good Habits

Making trips to the dentist and daily oral hygiene habits a fun and consistent part of your kiddo’s routine can lead to a lifetime of benefits for them. Consistently brushing and flossing will help reduce the risk of cavities your child may grow and reduce the chance of gum disease later. Regular trips to the dentist will allow for the growth of their teeth to be monitored so that preventive measures can be taken early. Our team is here to help create a positive and fun environment for your child and the whole family.

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