Customized Whitening Options Help You Achieve Your Best Smile

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We cannot believe that the year is almost over, and the new year is just around the corner. If you have been thinking about receiving a cosmetic dental service like teeth whitening, this is the perfect time to do it. You can go to your Christmas parties with confidence and enjoy a bright smile during the New Year’s Eve countdown. Today, Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, is here to explain your options for professional brightening services.

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A Convenient Way To Remove Stains

When you think of a professional bleaching service, you may be envisioning sitting in the dental chair for an hour at a time. This is true for one of our whitening options, but we have an at-home option as well. This is a great option for those who do not want to sit in an office during this service.

With an at-home kit, Dr. Foust will send you home with a custom kit including trays and a bleaching agent customized to your needs. You will apply these for an amount of time specified by your dentist over a few days. After that, you can enjoy your new smile. The best part of this is it is just as effective as office treatment.

During an in-office treatment, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth and a light will be used to activate this ingredient. This special light is the reason the in-office treatment takes one visit. Choosing your method is up to you and your dentist to decide. Not all patients are good candidates for whitening. As an alternative solution, we can offer options such as bonding and contouring as well.

Harmful Store-Bought Whitening Kits

We know what you may be thinking: Can’t I get the same results with strips from the store? While these may be tempting to use in a pinch like a last-minute event, these generic kits can be harmful to your teeth. For one thing, they are not tailored to your needs. Every person has a different tolerance for the bleaching agents that remove stains from their teeth. With store-bought strips, you may be exposed to too strong chemicals and even hydrogen peroxide which can damage the enamel.

Even whitening toothpaste can be harmful if overused. We know these products may be tempting for those who want more confidence in their smile, but overall, it can create more complications for you. Overusing whitening agents in toothpaste, mouthwash, and strips, can create sensitivity when eating food, drinking, or talking. Continual overuse can result in irreparable damage.

Brighten Your Smile Today!

Who does not want to end the year with a dazzling smile? We want you to look your best in your holiday cards and parties, and you can achieve that with a professional office or at-home whitening service.

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