Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, offers bonding and contouring

Want A Uniform Smile? Bonding And Contouring Can Help

Dental Impressions of Ankeny, IA, offers bonding and contouring

Having a smile that is not symmetrical does not mean that your oral health is poor, but it may lead you to feel self-conscious. At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we have a variety of methods to improve the appearance of your pearly whites. With options such as veneers, whitening, bonding, and contouring, it can be hard to decide what the best treatment plan may be for you. Today, we’re here to help you narrow down your decision by explaining the benefits of bonding and contouring.

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Conservative Approach To Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons why patients may choose this approach as opposed to a permanent solution such as veneers. If you want to improve your smile without having a celebrity-level appearance, veneers may be too intense of a change. Instead, we can offer you a method that keeps you looking natural, making only minor changes to your teeth.

Add To Your Teeth OR Shape Them Down

Bonding and contouring are two different cosmetic solutions. Oftentimes, patients will pair these together to achieve the best results. For the first option, we will take composite resin material that matches the color of your tooth and adhere it to your existing structures. When you have gaps between your teeth, staining that cannot be removed, or an uneven surface, this helps improve the symmetry of your smile.

If you happen to have a tooth that is longer than others, jagged, or uneven, we can use contouring as a method to shave down these parts. This is less invasive than the sculpting that is done to prep for veneers. Instead of removing a large portion of your teeth, only a small amount is removed in order to get a more even appearance.

Different Than Restoration

If you have a tooth that is damaged from a crack or chip, a cosmetic solution is not the route you need to take. Instead, your dentist will guide you to get a ceramic crown. This is like bonding because we add a piece to your natural tooth. However, the difference is that a crown will add to the strength of your tooth so that you can continue using it. We know it can be overwhelming to understand the best solution for you, so your dentist is here to help guide you.

Once you have achieved the goal you desire, you can enjoy your new smile. There is no need to worry about avoiding certain foods or the bond coming off. Continue following your normal oral hygiene routine and regular dentist visits, and reap the benefits of an even smile.

Talk With Us Today About Bonding And Contouring

Because of their natural-looking results, tooth bonding and contouring can help you create the smile you deserve without the need for extensive cosmetic treatment. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today at (515) 965-0230. We welcome patients from the Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and all surrounding areas.