whiten your teeth at dental impressions in ankeny, ia

Whiten Your Teeth Today

whiten your teeth at dental impressions in ankeny, ia

If you are a consistent coffee or tea drinker, you may notice that your smile is not as bright as it used to be. Even with brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, the stains from these dark-colored beverages can stay on your teeth for a long time. Having yellow teeth does not necessarily mean that they are unhealthy, but it can make you feel less confident. At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we offer several cosmetic options that can improve the appearance of your pearly whites. Today, we are here to talk about teeth whitening.

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Causes Of Staining

Your diet and genetics play a large role in how white your smile may be. Some people are genetically predisposed to having stronger enamel or brighter teeth. Those people may be able to drink coffee, tea, soda, and more all day and not have an issue.

If you have a diet that consists of sugar and simple carbohydrates, you may notice your teeth have a yellow tint. Other behaviors like smoking or using tobacco can cause staining, too.

At Home Or In Office

It may be tempting to use generic whitening products like toothpaste, mouthwash, or strips. A one-time use of this in a pinch may work temporarily, but using these consistently could actually damage your enamel. Instead, a professional treatment can effectively remove stains and have a long-lasting effect.

We have two ways to do this: in-office, or with at-home trays. A treatment in the office will take one appointment. We will apply dental-grade bleach to your teeth and use a light to activate it. After this appointment, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in the shade.

If you would prefer to do this at home, we can create a take-home kit for you. This is safer than generic whitening strips because this will be adjusted to your needs. You will be given a set number of days to use these daily for an allotted time. After about two weeks, your smile will be as good as new.

You may need to repeat this process a few times every couple of years. For the longest-lasting results, try to reduce the number of dark-colored foods and beverages you consume. Drinking through a straw can also help limit the staining. Remember to always follow a regular oral hygiene routine and see your dentist twice a year as usual.

Other Ways To Improve Your Smile

Teeth whitening may not work for everyone. If you are looking for an alternative to this, check out our other cosmetic options like bonding, contouring, or veneers. You can speak with your dentist at your next appointment or call to schedule a consultation.

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