Dental Impressions of Ankeny, ia offers fillings for cavities

Fillings Can Restore Your Smile

Dental Impressions of Ankeny, ia offers fillings for cavities

At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we know that even when you try to take the best care of your teeth, cavities can still form. Thanks to modern technology in dentistry, there are ways to repair your dentition after decay. In today’s blog, we are here to talk about dental fillings. This is a common practice used to remove the cavity and fill the area so that your smile can be restored to health.

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Cavities Form From Bacteria In Your Mouth

Dental decay, also known as cavities or caries, occurs when bacteria from food debris form plaque in your mouth. This plaque can erode your tooth, causing a hole that we know as a cavity. There are several stages, and in some cases, the earliest signs of a carie can be treated and reversed, which is why it is important to see the dentist every six months.

To prevent cavities, be sure to follow a good oral hygiene routine twice a day. You may also find that limiting foods that are high in sugar can also help decrease your risk of decay. If you begin to feel changes in your tooth’s texture, sensitivity when eating, or feel a hole in the tooth, see your dentist.

Tooth-Covered Fillings Can Repair Your Smile

If you have a cavity, do not be worried or embarrassed. This is one of the most common dental problems that patients in the United States face. Your dentist will recommend a filling that will help restore the tooth. During this treatment, the decayed part of the tissue will be removed from the tooth. Then, composite resin will be used to fill the hole that is left from a cavity. You may be mildly sedated during this treatment depending on your needs.

There are several benefits to having a cavity filled. First, letting tooth decay continue to spread can lead to worsening of symptoms. Not only can caries cause bad breath in your mouth, but they may also cause you to have discomfort as you eat or drink. If the cavity is allowed to progress, it may also spread deeper into your pulp. To save a tooth from this type of decay, you may need a root canal.

What To Do If You Have Severe Decay

If you have had a cavity for a while, you may begin to experience the symptoms mentioned above. You must see a dentist as soon as possible to address the problem. There are several restorative options available depending on your needs. In some cases, a root canal may be the best way to recover the tooth and relieve the pain caused by the carie.

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