Ankeny, IA, dentist offers teeth whitening

Revive Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

It is a new year, which means you may have new goals for your oral health. If one of your resolutions is to improve the appearance of your pearly whites, we are here to help. At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, we have comprehensive general dentistry that will help you maintain a healthy mouth. We also offer cosmetic services to enhance your smile. If you have stains on your teeth, a professional whitening service can help remove them and help you appear more youthful.

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Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Having pearly whites does not necessarily mean that they are healthy, but it can make you feel better about your appearance. Yellow dentition can be caused by a variety of factors. Age, genetics, and diet all play a role in the color of your teeth.

As you age, your enamel becomes thinner, and dentin begins to show through. Dentin may be yellow in color and can cause your grin to not appear as vibrant. Genetics can also play a role in how white your teeth may be. Some people may have thicker enamel which makes their teeth appear brighter. Other factors such as tobacco use, a diet of acidic or sugary foods, and poor oral hygiene can also contribute to the shade of your smile.

How Professional Whitening Works

It may be tempting to use store-bought kits or brightening toothpaste to try to achieve a vibrant smile again. However, these products will not offer the stunning results that a professional service can achieve. We offer an in-office treatment, or a take-home kit tailored to your needs.

If done in the office, we will apply bleaching gel and activate it with a light. This will help remove extrinsic stains from the surface. A single appointment can result in drastic visible results.

If you prefer to do this at home in your own time, we can help with that too. We will take a look at your smile’s needs and create a custom take-home kit for you to use. You will apply this every night for the amount of time determined by your dentist. In just a few weeks, you will have a brand-new smile. This is safer than generic store-bought strips because the ingredients are created for you.

The results may last for several years with proper care. Remember that even if your smile appears vibrant, you still need proper oral hygiene. Brush and floss at least twice a day and see your dentist biannually for a checkup. To keep your pearly whites looking fresh, you may want to drink beverages like soda and coffee through a straw and limit your intake of high-sugar foods which can yellow the teeth.

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