Ankeny, IA, dentist offers treatment for bruxism

Bruxism: What Is It And How Can Your Dentist Help

Your dentist can help you treat a variety of problems, from cavities to gum disease and many concerns in between. One common condition that patients often face is bruxism. This causes you to grind your teeth chronically, often while you are asleep or unaware. It can lead to side effects such as headaches, tooth sensitivity, and more. The team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, can help diagnose this problem, create a helpful treatment, and help relieve your symptoms.

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Chronic Teeth Grinding Can Damage Your Smile

As mentioned earlier, bruxism can cause you to grind your teeth or clench your jaw. If this is done on occasion due to stress, it may not cause serious issues. However, when this is done constantly, it can wear down your teeth. As a result, you may be more susceptible to issues such as cavities, damage, or tooth sensitivity. These problems can require a variety of restorations in the future which can cost you a lot of time and money.

Your risk of bruxism could be increased depending on your age, genetic factors, and the alignment of your teeth. It could also be a sign of other conditions, like obstructive sleep apnea or TMJ dysfunction. These disorders can interrupt your sleep and have a negative effect on your quality of life. Your dentist can help treat this problem before it turns into something more severe. If you frequently experience symptoms such as headaches, sensitive teeth, or tight facial muscles, you can bring these up to your dentist at your next visit. They can use these signs in combination with your exam to help create a diagnosis.

An Oral Appliance May Be Able To Help

An oral appliance is a simple solution that can help relieve your symptoms. This is a retainer-like device that you wear as you sleep. It can help prevent you from clenching your jaw and protect your teeth from further damage. Generic ones are available at stores, but they may not address your unique needs. Instead, a personalized one can be created for you by taking an impression of your oral cavity.

After your symptoms are in a manageable state, restorations can be done to repair your smile. For instance, bruxism could result in your teeth becoming worn down. Dental crowns can be placed over the worn-down teeth to protect them from further damage. If this is not done, it could result in your teeth becoming extremely sensitive. This can make certain functions like chewing difficult for the patient.

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