Ankeny, IA, dentist offers dentists visits for kids

Keep Their Smiles Healthy With Routine Checkups

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of dental checkups for adults. These visits help you maintain your oral health and get restorations when needed. Your little ones need dental care, too. Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, offers these visits so that your child can build lifelong habits and have a healthy smile. In today’s blog, we will answer the many questions you may have about your young one’s oral hygiene.

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When Should I Bring Them In For A Visit?

It is recommended that their first appointment happen around the age of six months to one year. At this point, their first tooth may have developed. This is a great time to bring them in, get them comfortable with the staff, and set a baseline for their future appointments. After this, biannual checkups can begin around the age of three years old. While this may seem young, it is important to add this to their routine early so that the habit is created. These visits are also a great opportunity to ask about their oral hygiene routine and any concerns you may have.

What Can Their Dental Team Help With?

A checkup will include a cleaning and examination. Their visits may look slightly different than your own because there are different concerns at certain ages. Younger patients often experience decay due to a combination of sugary snacks and less adequate hygiene practices. To help reduce the chances of a cavity, make sure that you are supervising your little one as they brush and floss. The dentist and team can also give tips on how to improve this. For instance, if it seems that certain areas are being missed, they can show your kid how to clean it better. They may also recommend extra protective measures such as fluoride and sealants, which can help protect against decay. If a cavity is found, the dentist will likely recommend that a filling is done to repair it.

Why Do Kids Teeth Need To Be Restored?

Your little one will eventually lose their primary set of teeth as they make way for the permanent ones. However, it is still important to keep baby teeth safe and healthy to promote the growth and development of the permanent set. If a cavity develops on a primary structure, the dentist will likely recommend that it be filled. This helps ensure that the tooth remains healthy and can function properly. If it is not restored, it could lead to severe damage that would cause premature tooth loss. As a result, the adult tooth could develop incorrectly. Fillings are minimally invasive, and the team can guide you through the process so that your little one feels at ease.

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