Ankeny, IA, dentist offers dental bridges

Treat Tooth Loss With A Dental Bridge

Are you missing one or more of your pearly whites? You may have noticed that this can affect the way you speak, your ability to chew, and your confidence. If you do not treat this problem, symptoms can worsen and may cause further tooth loss. Your team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, offers prosthetics that can help fill these gaps. One method is with a bridge, which can replace up to three of your missing structures in a row.

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How This Prosthetic Works

A dental bridge is a permanent installation that can replace up to three missing teeth in a row. This is a great solution for patients who have lost several dental structures in the same area. This type of tooth loss may have occurred due to an accident, required removal, or other health condition. The prosthetic will be supported by the teeth surrounding the gap. Usually, a dental crown may be placed over these structures for extra protection. Unlike dentures, you will not need to remove this fixture to clean. Your dentist can teach you how to properly brush and floss without disrupting the prosthetic.

Filling the gap in your smile is important for several reasons. Visually, a bridge can help your grin appear fuller and more lifelike. It can also improve your ability to chew and speak. Lastly, it can help support your jaw and existing teeth to prevent further deterioration. This replacement option will be crafted out of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal, to achieve a natural and strong structure. This option blends in with your natural smile and will not be noticeable to others.

How Long Will This Last?

To receive any kind of prosthetic or restoration, you will first need to visit your dentist. They will examine your oral cavity and determine what the best method may be. Then, an impression will be taken to send to the lab where your prosthetic will be created. It may take several weeks before it is ready. Finally, it will be installed in place. This can last for several years depending on the material it is made of and how well you maintain it.

After having a prosthetic installed, it is important that you continue with your oral hygiene routine as usual. Your dentist can show you how to properly clean the area around your bridge. Remember to continue seeing your dentist regularly, too, as a prosthetic is not a replacement for your oral health care. These regular visits help keep your natural pearly whites in good condition and can monitor for early concerns.

Learn More About Your Options

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