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My Smile Looks Healthy – Do I Need A Checkup?

If you take proper care of your oral hygiene at home, visiting the dentist twice a year may seem redundant. However, these checkups help keep track of your dental health and detect any potential concerns early. Without them, you may go many months without knowing there is an underlying issue. If it has been a while since your last visit, the team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, is ready to see you again.

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Why Six Month Visits Are Recommended

The general rule is that you should come in for a cleaning and examination every six months. If your dentist notices any potential concerns, they may recommend that you come in more often. During your visit, plaque buildup may be removed during your cleaning. This helps prevent the formation of cavities or gingivitis. Then, an examination may be conducted with X-rays or intraoral cameras. This helps your team get a closer look at your oral cavity. Common problems such as decay, misalignment, or impacted teeth can be seen with these examinations. Your dentist will use the images from your X-rays and signs noticed during your cleaning to create a helpful treatment plan.

How We Can Repair Your Smile

Your treatment plan will be unique to your specific needs. This may include restorative treatments, periodontal services, or discussing prosthetic options. Restorations help repair your tooth if harm has occurred. For instance, if you have developed a cavity, a filling can be performed to stop the progression of decay and protect your pearly whites. If your dentist notices signs of gingivitis, they can recommend a periodontal cleaning that can help thoroughly clean the area below your gumline. It is important to have this done promptly to prevent gingivitis from developing into a moderate to severe case of periodontal disease. Your dentist may also be able to help you address missing teeth. Adults who have lost a permanent tooth, or many, can have this restored with the help of a bridge or implants.

Discussing Other Treatment Options

In some cases, your dentist may not notice any threats to your oral health. This means that you will not need extra treatments and we will see you in another six months. However, if you experience any changes or have any questions during this time, please contact us. Issues such as toothaches or injuries should not be ignored.

Your biannual visit is also a good time to discuss cosmetic options. If your smile is in good shape, but not as vibrant as you would like it to be, you can ask your dentist what the most helpful way to improve this may be. We offer professional whitening, bonding, and veneers.

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