Ankeny, IA, dentist offers dental bridges to replace lost teeth

Complete Your Smile With A Custom Bridge

Good oral hygiene and proper preventive care can help you keep your teeth healthy and intact long term. However, accidents and health conditions may cause you to experience tooth loss. When this happens, it’s important that the gap is filled as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Your Dental Impressions team in Ankeny, IA, offers dental bridges that can mimic your missing teeth and look natural.

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Common Causes Of Tooth Loss

Some of the most prevalent reasons a patients loses a tooth is decay, gum disease, or injuries. Usually, decay can be treated in the early stages and severe cavities can be avoided. If decay is ignored for long periods of time, though, it can lead to tooth loss. In some cases, this type of damage can cause your dental structure to fall out. Your dentist may also suggest removing a severely decayed tooth if it cannot be restored. Gum disease is another reason why patients have gaps throughout their smile. Periodontal disease can be managed with the help of regular deep cleanings. If your symptoms are not managed, your gums may become recessed and your pearly whites can feel loose. Lastly, accidents and injuries may lead to knocking out one of your pearly whites.

A Dental Bridge Can Renew Your Smile

If you lose a tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible to replace the lost structure. Ignoring this problem can cause changes in your ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently. Dental bridges are a restorative option that can replace up to three of your dental structures in a row. Before receiving this, your dentist will examine your oral cavity to ensure that your existing teeth and your gums are in good health. The bridge will be created to blend in with the natural appearance of your smile. Crowns will be placed on the adjacent teeth to help support the prosthetic. The bridge will be fixed in place, meaning you don’t have to remove it to clean and care for. Alternatively, a partial denture can be used if you are experiencing more severe forms of tooth loss or gaps in many different areas of your smile.

Implants Are A Great Option, Too

Dental implants can also be used to help replace missing teeth. With this option, a titanium post is inserted into your jawbone and a crown is added on top. This helps replace both the root and crown of your lost dental structure. If you have healthy gums and a sturdy jaw, your dentist may recommend retaining your bridge with an implant for a stronger option.

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