Ankeny, IA, dentist offers checkups for patients of all ages

Come In For A Checkup Before Summer Vacation

Summer is right around the corner, meaning your kids will be out of school soon. This is a great opportunity to bring them in for a biannual checkup. They won’t have to miss class or other important activities, and you can make sure their smiles are healthy before you plan your summer festivities. The team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, is here to remind you to bring your family in for their dental cleaning and examination.

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We Offer Care For Adults And Kids

Dental checkups are important for patients of all ages. Children should begin to see the dentist as soon as they develop their first tooth. This first appointment can be used as a way to get them comfortable with the team. After this, biannual checkups can be scheduled to clean and examine their teeth. Young patients commonly get cavities, so these visits can help detect and treat decay early. You should continue seeing your dentist through childhood and adulthood. As an adult, your dentist may monitor for other problems including cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. These biannual appointments can help find problems early so that necessary treatments can be started. Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss for adults today, so it’s important to take care of your gums and have your smile thoroughly cleaned by a professional every six months to avoid a gum infection.

Don’t Put Off Necessary Restorations

When you come in for your checkup, your hygienist will clean your teeth and the dentist will examine your oral cavity. This may be done with the help of X-rays or other imaging. The examination can find early signs of decay, gum disease, and other problems. Your dentist can then create a treatment plan that can keep your smile healthy. For instance, if you have a cavity, your dentist will likely recommend that you get a dental filling. This removes the decay and protects your tooth. If you are experiencing swollen gums or sensitivity to the area, this could be a sign of gingivitis. Your dentist can recommend periodontal services to help treat these symptoms and avoid further stages of gum disease.

We Can Help With Others Concerns

Your dental team does more than just keep your teeth and gums healthy. They can also help with cosmetic concerns. If your oral health is in good shape but you would like a boost of confidence, treatments like whitening or bonding may be helpful. These can help your smile appear stain-free and more vibrant. We also offer porcelain veneers which can address a variety of smile concerns from discoloration to misshapen teeth.

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