Ankeny, IA, dentist offers care for kids

Starting An Effective Oral Hygiene Routine Early

Did you know that you can bring your little one into the dentist as soon as they develop their first tooth? For many kids, this means that their first visit will happen around one year old. These visits help get your child comfortable with their checkup and prevent common problems that can occur. Your Dental Impressions team in Ankeny, IA, is here to help guide your family through the process of oral hygiene care for young patients.

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At Their First Visit

It’s important to start regular dental checkups at a young age. This can help reduce dentistry-related anxiety, improve their hygiene, and protect their smiles. Starting these visits early can also help ensure that there are less concerns as they get older. The initial visit will be used as an opportunity to get your little one familiar with our team. A hygienist will do a thorough cleaning of their teeth and gums, and then the dentist will examine their smile. These steps can help establish where their oral hygiene is at and a treatment plan to help improve it if necessary. After their first checkup, regular ones can begin around the age of three years old.

Cavities Are Common In Kids

Dental decay is a prevalent problem for younger patients. This may be due to poor oral hygiene routines, high sugar intake, and other factors. If we notice that your little one is more susceptible to cavities, we may offer extra protective measures like sealants and fluoride treatments. These can help reduce the chances of cavities forming. If a cavity does form, a dental filling can be done to restore the area. It’s important to treat decay as soon as possible to avoid damage to the area. Untreated cavities can continue to wear away the tooth, which can cause sensitivity and discomfort.

To help reduce the chances of a cavity, make sure that your child is practicing an effective hygiene routine at home. You should help or supervise them as they brush and floss to ensure each area is thoroughly cleaned.

Lead By Example

One of the best ways to show your child the importance of oral health is to demonstrate it yourself. When scheduling their checkup, you can book yours as well. This makes scheduling more convenient for your family and shows your little one that these visits are important. At home, you can make their oral hygiene routine more fun by brushing alongside them or playing a fun song.

Routine dental visits can start around the age of three and should continue throughout their lives. As your child grows up, their needs and treatment plans may evolve. We can help keep their smiles happy and healthy by providing preventive and restorative treatments when necessary.

Bring Them In For A Visit

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