Ankeny, IA, dentist offers fluoride and sealants

The Purpose Of Fluoride And Sealants

Our last blog was a reminder to come in for your biannual cleaning. Children and adults should come in twice a year for a checkup to ensure their oral health is in good standing. It’s important to start good oral hygiene habits at a young age, so these visits are especially important for children. The team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, offers kid’s checkups and extra protective treatments like fluoride and sealants to prevent cavities. Today, we’ll discuss when and why these may be used.

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The Importance Of Biannual Checkups For Kids

As a general rule, you should see your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and examination. Your child needs regular dental visits, too. These visits help keep your teeth plaque-free and can help detect common issues early. While this may seem young, you can bring your little one in for their first appointment around the age of one. This can help get them comfortable with the team and establish this as part of their routine. Along with these biannual checkups, you should also teach them how to care for their smiles at home. These steps can help ensure that their smiles develop properly, and they understand the importance of taking care of their oral health.

Fluoride Treatments Can Protect Your Enamel

Tooth decay is a very common problem for all patients, and especially for younger patients. This may be due to a combination of less adequate oral hygiene, snacks that are high in sugar, weaker enamel, and other reasons. To prevent frequent cavities, make sure to practice preventive care at home and regular visits to the dentist. As an extra precaution, fluoride treatment may also be recommended. This mineral may be found in your toothpastes, drinking water, and even some of the foods we consume. It can also be applied topically to help add minerals back to your enamel. This helps protect the outer layer of your tooth from decay. After their dental cleaning, the hygienist will apply this topically to each tooth. Your child may need to avoid eating or drinking anything for about thirty minutes after this.

Sealants Act As A Barrier

Sealants are another barrier that can protect your child’s tooth from decay. With this, a thin layer of resin is applied to the tooth to protect it from bacteria. These are often used once the adult molars erupt. Since your molars have many grooves, it can be difficult to thoroughly clean them. Sealants help protect them against decay. If your child does develop a cavity, a dental filling can be used to restore their tooth.

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