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When Is A Tooth Filling Necessary?

As a general rule, you should come in for a dental checkup twice a year. These visits help keep your smile healthy and detect any potential issues that need to be treated. Cavities, for example, are a very common problem that patients face. If you have been told you have a cavity, your dentist will likely recommend that you come in for a filling. Today, your team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, is here to explain why this restoration may be necessary.

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Decay Can Damage Your Tooth

The outer layer of your dental structure is enamel. This is a very hard material that protects your pearly whites from decay and other types of damage. When plaque begins to buildup on it, it can begin to demineralize your enamel and wear it away. Unfortunately, once this enamel is worn away, it cannot be regrown. However, there are ways to restrengthen and protect it. The first step is to prevent bacteria from turning into plaque. You should brush your teeth daily and follow up with flossing. In addition to this, extra protection such as fluoride treatments can be used to help add minerals back to this layer. This may be used if you are more susceptible to decay or if signs of demineralization have been noticed.

How A Dental Filling Helps

Dental fillings are a fairly simple restoration that can be used to repair your tooth after a cavity has formed. During your biannual dental visit, your dentist will clean your teeth and do a thorough examination of your smile. Cavities may be noticed during an X-ray or through other signs such as a change in texture of your tooth or a visible hole. If this is left untreated, it can continue to progress and further damage your pearly whites. To prevent further harm, a filling may be done during a separate appointment. The decayed part of your tooth will be removed, and the space will be filled with composite resin. This can help protect the area from bacteria re-entering the area. Composite resin is a popular choice today because it is lifelike and highly durable.

If You Avoid This Restoration

As mentioned earlier, allowing a cavity to continue without treatment can cause several problems for your oral health. It will wear down the deeper layers of your tooth, which can cause sensitivity and discomfort. To relieve these symptoms, a root canal may be necessary instead. In more serious cases, your tooth may need to be removed to protect your health. A bridge or implants may be used to replace it after extraction.

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