Ankeny, IA, dentist offers professional teeth whitening services

Smile Confidently With A Professional Whitening Treatment

It can be frustrating to notice that your teeth appear duller over time. Even with proper preventive care like daily brushing and flossing, your pearly whites can become stained due to several factors. External causes like the food and drinks you consume may cause discoloration. Genetics, aging, and injury can also cause your pearly whites to lose their vibrancy. The team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, can help address discoloration with a professional whitening service or other methods.

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The Reasons Behind Discoloration

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons that your teeth may have become duller. Some of our favorite foods and beverages can lead to this problem. For instance, frequent coffee drinking can cause surface-level stains on your pearly whites. Even if you brush right after, the tannins could stick to your teeth and cause them to appear yellowed. If you frequently smoke, the tar and nicotine can discolor your smile as well. Aging can affect the vibrancy of your pearly whites, too. As we age, our enamel becomes thinner and can lead to your teeth appearing more yellow.

A Safe Way To Achieve Your Goals

If your smile imperfections are due to external factors, a professional whitening treatment could help. This can be done in our office or with a personalized take home kit. If done in office, the bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth and activated with a light. You will be able to see visual results in about one hour with this method. Alternatively, you can do this at home on your own. The team will send you home with custom trays and the bleaching agent. You will wear these every day as instructed by your dentist. In about two weeks, you can show off your new results. These options are safer than store-bought kits because they are personalized to your needs.

Bonding May Be A Helpful Alternative

Some blemishes and imperfections may occur below your enamel. If this is the cause of your discoloration, a whitening treatment may not be able to lift these stains. Instead, cosmetic bonding could be used to conceal these imperfections. Composite resin will be bonded to the spots that cannot be lifted. This material is lifelike and can be made to match your natural smile. You can also pair bonding with a contouring service to reshape uneven teeth. This may be a helpful option if you have jagged or overlapping teeth. Bonding and contouring can be done in a single appointment.

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