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Why You Should Not Ignore A Cavity

Tooth decay is a very common problem among patients of all ages. Preventive measures like a good oral hygiene routine and biannual checkups can help reduce the chances of a cavity forming, but it’s likely that you will experience one at some point in your life. If you are told there is decay, you should have this treated as soon as possible with a dental filling. Today, your Dental Impressions team in Ankeny, IA, explains why decay should be treated promptly.

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Bad Breath, Sensitivity, And Tooth Pain

You may not be able to immediately tell that a cavity has formed. In many cases, tooth decay can be asymptomatic until it reaches a more progressive stage. However, if you notice symptoms like bad breath or sensitivity, these could be signs of a carrie. Bad breath is not directly caused by cavities, but the bacteria that causes them to form can cause a foul odor. You may also notice a lingering sensitivity after eating certain foods, especially sweets. It’s important that you see your dentist regularly even if you are not experiencing any problems. A biannual cleaning and examination can help detect concerns like cavities early so they can be treated promptly. If this is put off, it can lead to more serious consequences for your oral health.

Permanent Damage To Your Enamel

Our enamel is the outer layer of our teeth that protects them from decay and other types of damage. When bacteria accumulate in your mouth, it can harden into plaque, which then sticks to your teeth and can begin to demineralize your enamel. Eventually, this can turn into a cavity on your tooth which can damage your enamel. This layer cannot be regrown naturally. If this layer is lost or weakened, it can cause sensitivity, discoloration, and easier to damage teeth. Protective options like fluoride treatments can help add minerals back to this outer layer of your tooth and protect it from decay. If a cavity is detected, a dental filling can help done to protect and restore your natural dental structure.

You May Need More Extensive Treatments

Cavities should be treated as soon as they are detected to protect your smile from more significant damage. If this is put off for too long, the decay can reach the inner layers of your tooth. Damaged pulp will need to be removed with a root canal treatment or other means. In more serious cases of a cavity, you may be at risk of tooth loss or a required extraction. These more invasive procedures can be costly and time consuming, so it’s best to prevent cavities when you can and restore them promptly when necessary.

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