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4 Reminders About Treating Tooth Loss

The idea of treating tooth loss might be something that’s very new for you. As a result, you may realize that you’re not feeling entirely sure about its benefits, about when to get started, and the list goes on. Then again, even if you have dealt with replacing teeth in the past, it’s still possible… Read more »

Your Ankeny Dentist Discusses: Important Implant Care Reminders

There’s just something about dental implants that makes patients feel as though they are accessing something that will require specialized care. We know, you may not have really known about implants until recently, the fact that they are placed through surgery is more complex, so you naturally expect maintenance that is also more complex. The… Read more »

Dental Implants: Too Old, Too Young, Just Right?

When dental implants enter the picture as a potential option in your life, you might find yourself having a hard time grasping the details of candidacy. You might wonder if you’re “too” this or “too that” and what it really takes to be someone who can choose implants. While it may initially seem like a… Read more »

3 Ways To Feel Better About Tooth Loss

You might not be feeling too happy about your tooth loss at the moment. This is understandable, of course, as suddenly being at a loss of one or more of your teeth is not something that makes life easy or that helps you feel good about your smile! While our Ankeny, IA team certainly feels… Read more »

Why Talk About Tooth Replacement So Soon?

We know that when you already have one thing to deal with in regard to your oral health, whether it’s coming to grips with a tooth you have just lost (or one that you know is on its way out because you have a tooth removal scheduled), it can feel trying. In many cases, our… Read more »

Feeling Shy? Call Your Local Dentist Anyway!

Your local dentist knows better than most that if you’re a patient feeling shy about something, you are far less likely to come in, let us know what you need or want, and that in most cases it will turn out that there was no reason to feel shy in the first place. So, our… Read more »

Talk With Us Today For Implants By Next Christmas

You might have thought about dental implants a lot this year. You may have even spent a good portion of 2018 thinking about replacing your teeth with them by the holidays. However, the time passes quickly and suddenly you wake up one morning and you’re just weeks away from Christmas. If you feel like you’re… Read more »

Important Knowledge: Protect Your Dental Implant!

Are you sure about what it’s going to take to protect dental implants, should you choose them for your smile? Do you know how to protect those that are already in place? When it comes to keeping these root-replacements safe (and their restorations, too), you might not really feel certain about what’s required. Should you… Read more »

Why It’s Okay To Just Learn More About Implants

Remember that when you’re exploring your options for replacing your missing teeth, it’s not a decision we expect you to take lightly! Instead, we will not be surprised at all if you want to take time to examine a variety of options for your smile. When dental implants come into the picture, of course, we… Read more »

Why Candidacy For Dental Implants Is Relative!

You might think that candidacy for dental implants is black and white. It’s a yes or no, you figure. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that keeps patients away from our Ankeny, IA practice, as they simply assume even though it’s something they want for their smiles, it just might be something they cannot… Read more »