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A Family Dentist Can Care For Everyone In Your Household

When you can bring every person in your household to the same dentist’s office, you can have an easier time addressing everyone’s oral health needs. You can also appreciate having one convenient location for the treatment of any dental concerns that may arise. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is proud to provide a variety of… Read more »

3 Reasons To Commit To Scheduling Regular Dental Exams

You should rely on more than just your brushing and flossing routine to fight the formation of tartar, tooth decay, and gingivitis. Individuals who choose to go without regular dental exams are vulnerable to tartar accumulation, as they cannot remove this substance on their own. If a cavity forms, they may not realize that they… Read more »

Our Dental Office Can Support Everyone In Your Family

Parents have to make sure their teeth are in good health, but they also have to keep their kids safe from oral health concerns. Many people believe they will have to find a special dental office for their kids, then find a location of their own where they can enjoy preventive oral health care. What… Read more »

Making Time Each Morning For Good Oral Hygiene Practices

When you start your day, how much time do you set aside for smile care? How likely are you to skip brushing your teeth if you oversleep? Your morning can set the tone for the rest of your day, but it is also an important time to focus on your oral health. With the right… Read more »

Your Family Dentist Can Care For Everyone In Your Household

By bringing everyone in your family to one location for oral health care, you can reduce the strain that checkups might put on your group schedule. Rather than moving to different dental offices for you and your kids, or setting appointments on different dates, you can instead book everyone’s checkups around the same time and… Read more »

Common Obstacles To Good Oral Hygiene You Should Avoid

What stands between you and a truly healthy smile? While people tend to know what they ought to do in order to stay safe against cavities and gum disease, bad habits and inconsistent routines can make their approach to care less effective. What this means is that they can feel confident in the health of… Read more »

Can One Dentist’s Office Care For Everyone In Your Family?

While you and your kids are all focused on preventing oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease, your needs in the dentist’s chair can vary. One reason for this is that children’s oral structures are still developing, and that development should be monitored in case there are issues to address. Another reason is… Read more »

Is It Time For You To Start Worrying About Enamel Erosion?

When a portion of a tooth is worn down by acids produced by oral bacteria, a small cavity can begin to form. If you have a cavity, you should certainly worry, and you should reach out to schedule the appropriate restorative dental work to resolve the matter. What you might not realize is that general… Read more »

Can Issues Like Fatigue And Stress Affect Your Oral Health?

Under ideal circumstances, you may feel confident that your oral care routine is more than capable of protecting you against problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, “ideal circumstances” can be elusive at times, which means people are often trying to focus on their oral health needs while also contending with problems like stress,… Read more »

3 Dental Problems That Should Be Addressed Promptly

If you want to preserve a healthy and attractive smile, you should treat potential oral health issues like serious concerns. If you think something is affecting the health of a tooth, or if you are struggling with dental discomfort, a problem can worsen over time if it is not addressed through the appropriate restorative dental… Read more »