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Flossing Daily To Protect Teeth And Gums

Are you certain that your teeth and gums are safe from oral health problems? The lack of obvious symptoms can feel reassuring, but many people who go in for routine care are surprised to hear that issues have developed and require professional care. One thing you can do to keep your smile protected is floss… Read more »

3 Reasons To Make Dental Checkups A Priority

How many times a year should you see your dentist? Unless you have already been advised by your dentist to follow something different, make semiannual visits a priority. At every checkup, you will receive important services that help you maintain a smile that is healthy and attractive. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are… Read more »

Count On One Dental Practice To Care For Your Whole Family

You should feel confident that everyone in your family has access to dependable oral health care. At any age, quality treatment is important. With that said, a person’s actual needs can change over time. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can make sure our patients receive the right kind of support to help them… Read more »

Trusting Your Family’s Oral Health Care To One Dental Office

If you find a dentist who can take care of everyone in your household, you can find that setting up appointments is easier and more convenient. This is important, as you should make everyone’s oral health a priority! Kids and adults gain real benefits from their access to preventive dental care. With that said, what… Read more »

Finding A Dentist Who Can Care For Parents And Their Kids

It is important that everyone in your family have access to dependable dental care. The good news is that when you find the right practice, you can more easily arrange those visits because you can schedule everyone’s services! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is proud to provide care for people of all ages. During regular… Read more »

We Protect Smiles From Bruxism With A Cozy Appliance

Have you ever heard of bruxism? A common disorder, this means that you grind or clench your teeth on a regular basis, damaging your smile and leading to serious complications down the road. In today’s blog, your Ankeny, IA, dentist will explain how we diagnose and treat teeth grinding with a cozy oral appliance.

Our Dental Services Can Benefit Everyone In Your Family

Dental services at our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help patients of all ages. Because of this, we can be a convenient source of care for everyone in your family! You can bring your kids in to have important pediatric dental services at the same time you go in for your own preventive dental care…. Read more »

Make Sure Your Family Ends The Year With Healthy Teeth!

The year’s end is a time for holiday celebrations – even small activities with your family can be festive and fun. Between breaks from school and work and seasonally appropriate meals and desserts, the holidays can offer plenty of fun…unless your good times lead to dental problems. What can you do to ensure that everyone… Read more »

How Your Child’s Oral Health Needs Can Differ From Yours

Children go through a process of gaining, losing, and then regaining teeth through the years. This growth and development of a young person’s smile is just one example of how children’s oral health needs differ from adults’ needs. Kids also need help protecting their teeth, and eventually they will require guidance on how they can… Read more »

How Consistent Are You With Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

Establishing a good oral hygiene routine is important. Of course, once you have done this, you need to make sure that you stick to the habits you trust to protect your teeth against dental decay! If you only practice your routine “most” of the time, you can leave more time for tartar to accumulate, and… Read more »