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3 Times You Know That It’s Checkup Time!

Does the idea of scheduling a dental checkup sound just fine to you? However, when the detail of “when” arises, you don’t have any answers as to what might motivate you to select a particular moment for setting up your dental exam? No problem! You, like many of our Ankeny, IA patients, have the best… Read more »

Treatable Problems That Are No Laughing Matter! 

Just because something is quite confusing, complicated, uncertain, or serious doesn’t mean you cannot get a good laugh out of it! For instance, if someone were to record you snoring like a chainsaw at night, you may giggle and howl as you listen to the strange sounds emanating from your throat as you sleep! However,… Read more »

Your Sleep Apnea Improvement Checklist!

When what you want is to be able to sleep throughout the night without feeling the next day as though you haven’t, what you need is time discussing sleep apnea treatment with our Ankeny, IA team! You might assume you’re sleeping, only to discover that you’re actually becoming conscious and then slipping back into dreamland… Read more »

Summer: All About Super Simple Smile Safety!

Have you begun thinking about particular measures you may wish to put in place for the summer season, so you can simply relax and stop worrying about your own smile health, as well as the safety of your family’s smiles? If you’re not entirely sure about how to make this happen but you most certainly… Read more »

Chewing Pain: 4 Important Takeaways

When you’re not dealing with any type of discomfort, everything’s fine! You don’t think too much about the safety of your smile (beyond the fact that you need to practice your usual preventive care, of course). However, when you deal with any level of chewing pain, suddenly your world feels topsy turvy! What does this… Read more »

What Are Those Noises My Partner Makes During Sleep?

It’s one thing for the person who sleeps next to you to occasionally talk in his or her sleep or to make other noises that wake you up, make you laugh, and then you report on them with a smile on your face in the morning! It’s quite another when you realize you’re being woken… Read more »

Important Reasons To Address Ongoing Breath Issues

You might not have done anything about your bad breath yet. However, it’s been there for a while, it’s not getting better, and it’s definitely not going away. While occasional yucky breath is not usually a cause for concern (this is usually an issue that follows a particularly powerfully-seasoned meal), it is a worry when… Read more »

3 Reasons You Can’t Get By Without Checkups

If someone from our Ankeny, IA team asked you if you should get dental checkups twice a year, you would likely say, “Yes! Of course!” However, do you know why you actually cannot get by without them? Are you aware of the fact that they do a lot for your oral health? When you are… Read more »

Smile Safety: 3 Easy Things To Cut Back On

Sometimes, what you really set out to do for your smile health is to completely eliminate something that you feel certain isn’t good for you. However, when it’s something you really like or that you’re quite used to, the act of elimination becomes difficult if not impossible and you may even ask yourself: Why didn’t… Read more »

Your Local Dentist Explains: Levels Of Control And What To Do

As you spend any amount of time reflecting on your smile health, you may find that you feel a little bit uncomfortable about one particular detail: You don’t have complete control over every last detail! This can make you question whether your efforts are going to pay off. Why bother brushing, you wonder, if you… Read more »